Fantasia Postpones ‘All Lives Matter’ Concert in North Carolina, Pushes Back Against Critics

Fantasia Facebook)

Fantasia (Facebook)

Singer Fantasia had to clarify her upcoming concert title after social media users became upset with its name. The 32-year-old star shared a flyer Sept. 25 of a show called, “Hear Me Now! – All Lives Matter.” It featured herself as the headliner and was supposed to showcase music to inspire change in North Carolina.



Many on Twitter took issue with the “all lives matter” portion of the title.

Stefano Dimera questioned why the singer would endorse such a flyer.

Shanoya also used a GIF in reaction to the news.

Meanwhile, Shaquille had this to say to Fantasia.

Fantasia’s concert would have come a day following the release of police footage showing Keith Scott’s death by a cop in Charlotte.

However, the singer revealed in a video on her Facebook page it was pushed to next weekend because of the Carolina Panther’s football game that day.

While explaining what the concert was about, the singer said attendees “were gonna hear worship and prayer and strong men coming together and pull together our men – not just Black not just white.”

“I understand that our people are still in poverty and we’re not getting certain things that we deserve. I understand that,” Fantasia said on Facebook live Sunday. “But the only way we’re going to get it is not through tearing up buildings. Martin Luther King stood for love and unity for all people. United we stand, divided we fall. Let’s all stand together. So Black lives matter, yes they do. All lives matter.”

As the singer spoke live, her husband Kendall Taylor sat next to her and shared his thoughts on the matter.

“It’s real easy to critique somebody sitting behind your desk, or behind your smartphone …and you’re talking about a word between ‘all’ and ‘Black’,” Taylor said. “Black lives matter because all lives matter.”

“We need to connect and create a united network of influential people who want to have consistency and follow through,” he continued. “Because what happened after 1964 wasn’t no follow through. We got real comfortable.”

Anthony Hamilton, one of the performers at the event, took issue with the “all lives matter” title.

He told his Twitter followers he “didn’t approve” the title.

“I’m a father of six Black males, so Black lives do matter,” he said.

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