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Philadelphia Police Captured on Tape Threatening to Shoot an Uncooperative Person

A Philadelphia Police officer questioning locals about a crime was captured on video saying he would shoot an uncooperative person.

According to FOX 29, one viewer made them aware of the video where officers threatened an innocent resident.

In the news clip, two white officers ask residents about a crime in the area but get swiftly brushed aside. Viewers can hear one of the men instruct the others to comply.

“Come on y’all, they [will try to] shoot us.”

The men disperse before an unknown person comments: “Not all of you — just one.”

FOX 29 showed the footage to Police Commissioner Richard Ross, who found the footage unsettling.

“There’s no doubt the context is difficult to deny. We’re going to have to figure out who made that comment, and obviously it’s highly inappropriate.”

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