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After Eagles Players Protest Anthem, One Person’s Racist Stance Leads to School Expulsion

Eagles players Steven Means, Malcolm Jenkins and Ron Brooks protest the national anthem (Facebook)

Eagles players Steven Means, Malcolm Jenkins and Ron Brooks protest the national anthem (Facebook)

Malcolm Jenkins headed a protest with two of his Philadelphia Eagles teammates Monday night. Jenkins, Ron Brooks and Steven Means raised their fists as “The Star-Spangled Banner” played. The action followed a slew of other NFL protests spotlighting police brutality against African-Americans, and hateful tweets followed.

The display took place before the Eagles’ Monday Night Football game against the Chicago Bears in Illinois.

Ahead of the matchup, Jenkins told WIP about why the team planned to join the demonstration launched by Colin Kaepernick.

“Really, it’s just to continue to push for the conversation about social injustice,” he said. “And that’s a range of things from police brutality to wages and job opportunities to education.”

In an interview with PhillyVoice, Jenkins maintained he has “great respect for the police and military,” which is why he did not protest during the Sept. 11 game against the Cleveland Browns.

“If it comes down to making somebody uncomfortable by speaking the truth, then I’ll always make you uncomfortable with the truth, [rather] than make you feel comfortable with a lie,” he added.

His dedication to making “somebody uncomfortable” worked.

On Twitter, many expressed their dissatisfaction with the NFL safety and re-ignited claims for #BoycottNFL.

Rsherwin said he “loves” football but said he “will not watch [it] again” in favor of police and America.

Marc Gratkowski stood against Eagles’ Coach Doug Pederson’s support of the protest.

“If the Eagles don’t stand, I can’t support the Eagles anymore. Won’t watch, attend, buy merch,” Gratkowski wrote.

Parody account @DrunkCutler hoped the protest involved “driving their team bus into Lake Michigan.”

Andrew Lee called the Eagles’ protest an “absolute disgrace” after a gunman opened fire on two local officers – one a Black woman and the other a white Man – on Friday, according to

Meanwhile, an especially vile reaction emerged on Snapchat.

A freshman at Christian college Belmont University earned an expulsion because of the “comments rooted in racism,” according to the school’s Facebook page.


Still, Jenkins and the Eagles enjoyed support from at least one football fan.

One of those supporters included a Bears devotee.

“Proud of ’em,” wrote Jakobi Wiliams.

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