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South Africa University Student Calls ‘Black People a Cancer to Society,’ Praises Trump

RACE ROW: University of Pretoria

RACE ROW: University of Pretoria

A university student in South Africa has come under fire for calling some Black students a ‘cancer to society.’

The racist tirade started after a student posted a message on the The University of Pretoria’s Third Year Civil Engineering students WhatsApp group in the Afrikaans language.

Some students on the group asked if all communications could be in English as others did not understand Afrikaans.

The request sparked a flurry of responses with the student, Lourens Van Niekerk, taking it a step further.

“Omg all the blacks who agree with that potato who thinks everything should be English are a cancer to this society. You are all ignorant…male oppressors,” Van Niekerk posted.

“This is why Trump is the God Emperor of mankind. He sees right through you. Stop taking everything for granted and blaming whites. Our privileges have been earned. I’m over this s**t. Cheerz.”

The student has since read out an apology to the class.

The message irked other students in the group. The matter was escalated to the head of department, professor Wynand Steyn.

However, Tsholanang Mabiletsa, who is part of the WhatsApp group, said the issue was not treated with the seriousness it deserved.

“The professor made him apologize in class but Lourens read from a paper and we couldn’t even hear him. The professor [then re-read it on his behalf] and said whoever is not happy can send him an e-mail,” she said.

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