Activist Zaza Ali Questions Intentions of BLM Movement and Its Role in Black Liberation

On Thursday, Sept. 15, activist Zaza Ali critiqued the Black Lives Matter movement during the All Black National Convention in Atlanta.

In the clip, she says that people should question the BLM movement’s platform and their objectives.

“I’m not trying to unite with organizations … nor with people  … sabotaging the efforts that we are trying to make to move our people forward,” she starts.

Ali reads the BLM mission statement and interprets it as a declaration of war on Black men within the liberation movement.

“That sounds [like] a declaration of war on Black men to me … We have been hashtagging Black Lives Matter for two years now. And we haven’t actually taken the time to look at their site to see what this organization is about … What have they created so far? Is this an agenda to represent homosexuals, or is this an agenda to represent Black people?”

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