Support Pours in for Atlanta Teacher After Work Outfit Deemed ‘Inappropriate’

Atlanta elementary school teacher Patrice Brown (Instagram)

Atlanta elementary school teacher Patrice Brown (Instagram)

Instagram users proclaimed Patrice “Tricey” Brown #TeacherBae after an image of her posing in a pink form-fitting dress went viral. Many slammed the elementary school instructor for her work attire but others came to her defense.

Photos captured from Brown’s now-private Instagram account showed the Atlanta resident in snug dresses and tight jeans.

Her curve-embracing clothing choices made her a target for haters.

@breeNaughtyy gave Brown credit for her good looks, but deemed her outfits “inappropriate.” Additionally, she pointed to little boys being “pervs” to back up her assessment.

The bodycon dress made @UATheFirst hope Brown wasn’t a teacher after all.

ShannonGoodPress echoed those sentiments. She called Brown’s look “too risque.”

Despite the disapproving comments, many backed the educator’s style.

@FrankHoecean remarked at how “happy and proud” Brown looked of teaching children and expressed dismay over gawkers who “just had to sexualize the situation.”

In similar fashion, Wave Bari compared the curvy Georgia teacher to a slender woman.

Meanwhile, Oga Equity pointed out the sexism in the backlash.

@Med2Cold took that critique to heart. In reaction to a muscular male New York teacher, he wrote he “would not let my daughter attend” the class. The tweet reflected the attitudes many shared of Atlanta’s #TeacherBae.

NUFF$AID questioned why most of the photos of Brown making the rounds were focused on her body rather than her work.

And Adrienne Pegasus illustrated how fathers would react to seeing #TeacherBae at a parent-teacher conference.

As users remained split over what makes work outfits professional or not, Brown spoke out about the situation.

“I just wish they would respect me and focus on the positive and what truly matters – which is educating the children of the future generations and providing and caring for them,” Brown said to The Daily Dot.

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