Muhammad Ali’s Ex-Wife Has Choice Words for Colin Kaepernick: ‘He Needs to Apologize’

Khalilah Camacho Ali and Colin Kaepernick (EurWeb/Twitter)

Khalilah Camacho Ali and Colin Kaepernick (EurWeb/Twitter)

As a prominent athlete’s protest continues, one more person offered criticism. Khalilah Camacho-Ali believes Colin Kaepernick should apologize for refusing to stand for the national anthem.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, the former spouse of the late Muhammad Ali explained she helped the boxing legend make a big difference in his Vietnam War protest. Camacho-Ali thinks she can offer the same impact on Kaepernick.

“What he’s doing right now is not heroic,” Camacho-Ali said. “I would love to meet with him or talk to him on the phone to help share his message in a better way.”

She continued, “I helped Muhammad decide whether he was going to the army or going to jail. He listened to my every word. You see the impact that had on our nation? Colin could absolutely have the same impact if he made the right decisions to really make a difference.”

Ali’s refusal to join the army to fight in Vietnam caused him to lose his heavyweight title and boxing license.

He earned many supporters and detractors for his position, which he took based on his Muslim religion.

While Kaepernick has received similar flack and support for his approach, he has yet to lose any sponsorships, according to Atlanta Black Star.

In order to steer the quarterback on the right track, Camacho-Ali would sort out his end goal.

“What exactly is he trying to improve and how is he going to make that happen?” she said to TMZ. “I’d have him make a retraction for his actions against the American flag. He needs to apologize.”

Another issue Camacho-Ali has is Kaepernick’s focus on the oppression of Black people rather than focusing on everyone.

She believes the athlete should embrace all races.

“I will help him meet the groups that will fight with him, donate to charities of all people – not just minorities – because we cannot single anyone out. If he wants isolation to end, he needs to prove that he cares about all people and not just his people.”

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