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New Report Unveils Startling Lies Ex-Officer Van Dyke and His Peers Reported After Laquan McDonald Shooting

On Tuesday, Aug. 30. Chicago Police Department Supt. Eddie Johnson filed charges requesting that Officer Jason Van Dyke and four others be fired for the 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald.

Atlanta Black Star reported that Van Dyke was charged with first-degree murder for shooting the 17-year-old 16 times in October 2015.

In the months following the incident, officers allegedly lied about the details of the shooting and claimed that Laquan attacked them. But video evidence shows the teen walking away from officers before the fatal shots.

According to CBS Chicago, Johnson originally filed charges requesting that the Chicago Police board fire six officers for the shooting.

The charges state that all officers gave false or misleading statements about the case.

In addition, CBS Chicago reports that there were 10 officers initially involved in the coverup.

Johnson hoped to fire seven, but three officers either resigned or retired before he filed Tuesday.

Van Dyke’s partner resigned yesterday before the charges were filed.

The police board will ultimately decide if Sgt. Stephen Franko, Officer Janet Mondragon, Officer Daphne Sebastian and Officer Ricardo Viramontes will be fired from the force.

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