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Ice Cube Shuts Down Fabricated Trump Endorsements: ‘Leave My Name Out Ya Mouth’

Ice Cube (Wikipedia)

Ice Cube (Wikipedia)

Ice Cube caught wind of news circulating on Twitter marking him as a Donald Trump supporter. The N.W.A. member quickly retorted, making his stance clear.

“I will never endorse a m———- like Donald Trump,” he said. “Ever!”

The post was reportedly in response to a video posted by Trump News Global earlier that day.

In the April interview with Bloomberg Politics, Cube discussed the 2016 presidential race, commenting on Republican nominee Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The tweet uses a 55-second clip where the rapper explains his thoughts on Trump.

“Donald Trump is what Americans aspire to be: rich, powerful, do what you want to do, say what you want to say, be how you want to be,” he said. “He looks like a boss to everybody. Americans love a boss, so that’s his appeal to me.”

The clip juxtaposed that response next to Ice’s comments on Clinton, in which he tackled her superpredator remarks from the 1990s.

“To call your own citizens superpredators is pretty harsh. It’s a pretty big indictment,” he said. “It’s just like the term ‘thug’ or ‘hoodlum.’ It’s just [an] easy brush to paint somebody with. And it’s really not solving the problem it’s just making it worse.”

However, in the full video discussing the former TV personality, rapper-actor said he doesn’t think Trump will help poor people since “he’s a rich white guy.”

“How can he relate? He’s always been rich,” he continued. “And being rich don’t make you bad, I’m just saying, how can he relate to the small guy?”

Cube’s remarks on Hilary¬†expounded upon the idea that not much has changed regarding race relations in America.

He explained the racially-targeted term makes authorities “feel justified in how they treat these so-called superpredators.”

In a follow-up tweet the next day, Cube shared an image of another faux Trump endorsement.

“Stealing endorsement is not how you become the president of the United States,” he wrote in part.

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