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Nick Cannon’s Announcement He Will Attend Howard Turns into Online Battle over Which HBCU Is Better

Nick Cannon enrolled at Howard University (Instagram)

Nick Cannon enrolled at Howard University. (Instagram)

On Aug. 20, Nick Cannon revealed on Instagram that he has enrolled as a freshman at Howard University. Many congratulated the actor for studying communications. But users also took note of the battered sign he posed with.

And one student from rival HBCU Hampton University jokingly created a GoFundMe page to refurbish it.

Dubbed, “A sign of sadness at the other HU,” Jocelyn Johnson launched the campaign Aug. 21 and sarcastically described the reasoning.

“The other HU has fallen victim to Way Cooler Online Syndrome – “WCOS” or “Wackos” –and needs your help,” she wrote.

Online, Howard’s sign is spotless, but in Cannon’s photo is appears weathered.

“I simply want to help the less fortunate,” she wrapped the memo. “Please send sign restoration bids and company contact information to the Other HU Busted Sign  – ‘OHU BS”‘– campaign at [email protected] Funds dispersed at fundraiser’s discretion.”

The campaign sought to raise $500 before the comments section exploded with threats and personal attacks from the opposing universities.

After the insults mounted, users shared the satirical fundraiser on social media.

Howard Bison commentators discussed the humorous reactions to the GoFundMe.

One comment from a Bison put down the Hampton Pirates for pouring money into Howard’s weathered sign instead of dedicating it to scholarships and savings plans.


The take down continued on Facebook.

Audrey Harris encouraged the Hampton Pirates to enjoy their “manicured lawns” as the Howard Bison continued “turning out greatness.”


Original poster Olu Burrell dissected the lengths the Bison will travel to drag the Pirates.


Marvina Bell pointed out a comment comparing Hampton’s donations to Howard to children giving their parent’s money.


Teri Jaq took aim at Hampton’s lack of pop cultural relevance.


And Janine Slade wondered why Cannon posed in front of the weathered sign when a new one was available.

hbcu-gofund-me-comment-6 (1)

Julienne McLean noticed the slander was too much.


Ultimately, Johnson closed the comments section before ending the fundraiser for good.

She expressed her disappointment in an update on GoFundMe.

“I don’t care which HU you call home. It’s one thing to share in friendly banter. It’s something totally different to set aside moral standards under the guise of ‘school pride.’ ”

Still, she expressed gratitude Aug. 23, saying she laughed “at [most] of the Bison comments for 2 days straight!”

“I hope you laughed. It’s good for the soul.”

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