Fox News Host in Denial After Libertarian Candidate Schools Him on Unfair Justice System

On the Aug. 23 edition of Fox News’ “The Five,” Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson reaffirms his support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the segment, host Eric Bolling asks Johnson to clarify his position and support for the anti-police brutality movement.

“… When it comes to whites, guess what,” Johnson asks rhetorically. “We’re not being shot at the rate of six times Blacks are being shot at.”

Then, Bolling implies that police shoot Black people more because they commit more crime.

“Can I just clarify though? Blacks are being shot six times more often than whites, but they’re committing eight times the amount of crimes than whites … Under those numbers, Blacks are being treated more fairly than whites under those numbers.”

Lastly, Johnson points out the blatant racism behind the war on drugs and mass incarceration to hammer home his support.

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