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After Fleeing Liberian Civil War, This Woman Owns 2 IHOPs and Manages $200M in Urban Renewal Projects

A Liberian refugee, who now lives in New Jersey, shares her remarkable story of becoming a successful entrepreneur owning two restaurants.

In an Aug. 22 interview with New Jersey’s PIX 11 News, Adenah Bayoh tells reporters that she would have never dreamed of owning two International House of Pancakes restaurants after coming from Liberia. By the age of 27, the entrepreneur opened her first IHOP restaurant.

As a teen, Bayoh escaped the second Liberian Civil War of the late 1990s and early 2000s and relocated to the United States.

She went to high school in Newark, New Jersey and continued her education at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

After graduation, Bayoh began in banking. However, that was not her dream.

So the franchisee branched off into real estate.

Immediately, Bayoh began purchasing homes in Irvington, New Jersey as an investment strategy.

Her success in real estate catapulted her. Now, she has an empire — all before the age of 40. The mother of two has a diversified portfolio, including $200 million in urban redevelopment projects.

“My story could not be possible anywhere else except for America,” the entrepreneur states. “For someone to escape civil war, come here and be given the opportunity [to] start her own business, employ and rebuild [is amazing].”

The entrepreneur has given back to her community in an attempt to inspire others to achieve their dreams too.

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