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This Black ‘Family of Geniuses’ Show off Benefits of Homeschooling


A multi-talented family has taken Boca Raton, Florida by storm with their incredible academic achievements.

The family of 11 includes two teenage daughters who have graduated college with master’s degrees and a mother who is an architect and attorney.

In a July 30 profile, the Bush family reveals their secret to success — homeschooling.

The children have been home-schooled and have been immersed in the arts and sciences since they were very young.

Gabrielle Bush tells NBC’s “TODAY” that she wants everyone one to have accessible healthcare. At just 19, the young woman is working in her chosen field after earning two degrees.

However, her sister may have topped her.

Grace Bush, 18, graduated college and high school at 16 and earned a master’s degree at 18. She hopes to be a Supreme Court Justice.

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