Black Mississippi Father Gets Indicted For Child’s Death In Hot Car, White Mother from Same State Does Not

On the Aug. 11 edition of HLN’s “Dr. Drew Live,” panelist discuss the racial elements in two Mississippi cases involving hot-car deaths of small children.

In the first case, a white mother, Amy Bryant, forgot to drop off her 2-year-old off at daycare.

The Madison County, Mississippi woman discovered her child dead in her car at the end of her workday after receiving a call from the daycare.

Bryant was not charged by a Madison County grand jury.

In the second case, a Black father, Joshua Blunt, forgot to drop of his 8-month-old daughter before work.

Unfortunately, the child was discovered unresponsive four hours later. However, Blunt was not set free as Bryant was.

Instead, the grieving father was indicted this week by a Grenada County grand jury for manslaughter.

In the clip above, commentator Yodit Tewolde appears to ignore the racial undertones of the case. Dr. Drew points out that there is indeed a racial element that needs to be discussed.

” I don’t doubt that this was an accident,” she starts off. “However, it is hard to make an distinguishment between these two cases when you are dealing with two counties. When you deal with two different counties, you deal with two different DAs.”

Dr. Drew says that even though that is the case, it should not be tolerated.

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