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The New RNC African-American Outreach Strategist Just Said This About Racist Trump Voters Using N-Word


On the Aug. 10 edition of CNN’s “New Day,” host Chris Cuomo asks Republican National Convention National Director of African-American Engagement Ashley Bell how he feels about white Trump supporters using racial slurs.

In the segment, Cuomo plays a clip of a New York Times compilation video comprised of bigoted soundbites from rallies to make his point about the Trump campaign diversity woes.

Bell unequivocally defends the bigotry of Trump supporters. Both black and white voters “are frustrated with the system,” he says.

The GOP strategist states that while he was at the Democratic National Convention, he saw young Black people frustrated with the Clinton’s 1994 crime bill.

“I saw them say a lot of awful things, and it is not a reflection of Clinton’s campaign.”

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