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Baltimore PD Fires Some Officers in Wake of Damning DOJ Report

Baltimore Police’s top cop announced in a news conference this morning that officers have been fired after the Department of Justice released a scathing report documenting the department’s history of racist policing.

Atlanta Black Star reported that the police department made frequent stops in predominately Black neighborhoods, arrested residents for disrespectful speech and used excessive force against mentally ill Black residents.

Many of the officers who were caught discriminating or using excessive force were rarely punished.

In the news conference, Interim Police Commissioner Kevin Davis says that there will be changes made to his department effective immediately.

“This report is — however — an indictment of the bad behaviors by a relatively small number of police officers over many, many years,” he states. “There are officers just as offended as we are at the details laid out in this report. Why? Because they wear this uniform proudly and they serve the citizens of Baltimore honorably everyday.”

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