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Some Surprised Nate Parker’s Wife is White, Supporters Say it Doesn’t Invalidate Activism

Nate Parker with wife Sarah DiSanto (Page Six)

Nate Parker with wife Sarah DiSanto (Page Six)

Nate Parker and his wife welcomed their fourth child recently but Black Twitter was focused on his wife’s whiteness instead of the couple’s new bundle of joy.

The director and star of the upcoming Birth of a Nation told E! News Thursday he and DiSanto welcomed a daughter named Justice into the family. No other details were given, but the child is the fourth in a line of three other young girls.

But Twitter paid no attention to the news other than those who learned Parker is married to a white woman. Parker married Sarah DiSanto in 2007.

Many were upset about his spouse’s race, who was the 36-year-old’s college sweetheart. The pair met while attending Penn State.

The revelation made Conor feel conflicted about seeing Parker’s upcoming period drama, which follows Nat Turner leading enslaved Africans in a revolt for freedom.

At least one person thought DiSanto wasn’t white, but a light-skinned Black woman.

Meira-Morenike used a photo to describe her disturbed reaction.

But others thought there was no reason for the upset.

@DarlingEbony pointed out Ben Carson among other public figures who are married to Black women and don’t support the Black community.

She also mentioned the couple’s children could grow up to be as socially aware as Jesse Williams, who gave a poignant speech about being Black in America at the BET Awards this June.

User Dart_Adams questioned how people could be unaware of DiSanto’s race when Parker “never once tried to hide it.”

@RuthOhanu found it irritating that others seemed to question his activism after learning who is wife is.

@FearlessBellaxx said Nate Parker’s support for the Black community, which included a donation for an HBCU’s film school, is still valid regardless.


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9 thoughts on “Some Surprised Nate Parker’s Wife is White, Supporters Say it Doesn’t Invalidate Activism

  1. Sisters mad cause Nate Parker's wife is white. He's with who had his back and who saw his vision and stuck by him. As Future would say "Where were you at"?

  2. I guess black folks better get used to it cause blk/white unions are almost outpacing blk/blk unions….Say good bye to "blkness" ..i guess that's the way tomfix America's black problems…Stop reproducing!! Smh

  3. Patrick Hightower Look for your sister when you can. Find happiness where you can. Life is short.

  4. Jason Jones says:

    people that normally say what u just did, are also married to a non-black spouse.

  5. Any black man or black woman, who is married to a white person, is indirectly supporting white supremacy. The celeberities do not and have not ever seen themselves as black, they do not care about black issues, they are not treated like the black masses are treated, they do not see themselves as in your struggle. Michael Jordan said it in his letter to the public he does not experience racism or police discrimination, Bow wow told you, OJ told you I'm not black I'm Oj, but y'all idiots want to ignore them and draft them into blackness anyways, even when nikki minaj said specifically it is not her fight. These people aren't black and have done nothing to prove they belong to our groups.

  6. Which one of us has the resources and balls to make a movie about Nat Turner??? Hmmm, that's what I thought. I care more about ourstory being told than anything else. I'm going to see the movie.

  7. Davis Emille says:

    Nikki Minaj is of a sub continental Indian background. Her people in the recent past are from Trinidad in the West Indies. they do not identify as Black but as Indian!

  8. Not upset about who Nate chooses to spend their life with. I am not concerned at all about her personal life. Eye concentrate on the reality than the illusion. Truth than distractions. If you are about the truth, and real black conscoiusness then you have my attention. If not then have a nice day but Eye will not entertain my mental or spiritual vibes with you.

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