Megyn Kelly Makes Dangerous Mistake Tying Old Video of #KorrynGaines To Monday’s Shooting

In the Tuesday edition of FOX News’ “The Kelly File,” panelists attorneys Mark Eiglarsh and Andell Brown spar over the recent police shooting of 23-year-old Black Baltimore, Maryland resident Korryn Gaines.

Mark Eiglarsh: All her. All her. Anybody who dares point the finger at law enforcement is either being intellectually dishonest or somehow really doesn’t know the facts in this case. They were overly cautious. They could have shot her right away when they came in and then held back. Six hours, they waited … She caused her death.


Andell Brown: In a situation like this, a picture’s worth a thousand words and a video was priceless. Here we have the police account of the events, but we also have police accounts in the Walter Scott case, Laquan McDonald case, Tamir Rice case, where facts that were reported did not match up once we had a video.

When we have citizens who feel the need like in the Philando Castile or the Alton Sterling to record interactions with police because the body cameras fell off, they aren’t working or whatever the case may be, it shows we have an issue with the trust and transparency and accountability.


Megyn Kelly: … The video of her loading up that gun was apparently from two weeks earlier. It wasn’t this. This was two weeks earlier. It wasn’t in the moment that she had the confrontation with the police, who say she did have a long gun, who you can hear discussing with her son on the video that they’re — she believes they’re trying to kill her …

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