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Megyn Kelly Makes Dangerous Mistake Tying Old Video of #KorrynGaines To Monday’s Shooting

In the Tuesday edition of FOX News’ “The Kelly File,” panelists attorneys Mark Eiglarsh and Andell Brown spar over the recent police shooting of 23-year-old Black Baltimore, Maryland resident Korryn Gaines.

Mark Eiglarsh: All her. All her. Anybody who dares point the finger at law enforcement is either being intellectually dishonest or somehow really doesn’t know the facts in this case. They were overly cautious. They could have shot her right away when they came in and then held back. Six hours, they waited … She caused her death.


Andell Brown: In a situation like this, a picture’s worth a thousand words and a video was priceless. Here we have the police account of the events, but we also have police accounts in the Walter Scott case, Laquan McDonald case, Tamir Rice case, where facts that were reported did not match up once we had a video.

When we have citizens who feel the need like in the Philando Castile or the Alton Sterling to record interactions with police because the body cameras fell off, they aren’t working or whatever the case may be, it shows we have an issue with the trust and transparency and accountability.


Megyn Kelly: … The video of her loading up that gun was apparently from two weeks earlier. It wasn’t this. This was two weeks earlier. It wasn’t in the moment that she had the confrontation with the police, who say she did have a long gun, who you can hear discussing with her son on the video that they’re — she believes they’re trying to kill her …

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14 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly Makes Dangerous Mistake Tying Old Video of #KorrynGaines To Monday’s Shooting

  1. Jamal Barber says:

    I can't be intellectually dishonest. The police was right in this case

  2. Chuck Yates says:


  3. You thinks so? Then why they didn't kill the oregan mob who threathened the police for days? What did this young woman did to deserve beeing killed? She was in her own house, why didn't they just leave, if it was about some stupid tickets? Why don't the police go after REAL criminals? This is madness. I wish that Megan Kelly would change into a black person!

  4. Because you were there right Jamal??? Traffic warrants????

  5. Jamal Barber says:

    Ruth Van Der Marck Look up sovereign citizens. The only difference is she is black. The fact of her being in this group is the largest piece of evidence that the police knew why she was belligerent but because she was black they wanted her to back down faster. My only issue now is where are all the white sovereign citizens now when "donations" aren't coming as fast because one of their black members died for what they believe

  6. Thomas Brown says:

    Don't get it twisted these old videos they are showing has nothing to do with the incident in which Police Murdered her. Don't believe everything your see on the internet. Where is the police body cam video, showing her pointing a gun at them.I see her video showing the militarilized police ponting an assault rifle at her and her child.

  7. So all blacks teach their children to hate huh?? Haha

  8. Robin Barna says:

    The facts are plain and simple, this woman had mental issues, period.
    Any one that would put their own child in harms way to justify her actions is not right in the head. She has done this on several occasions, according to her own videos! She was a menace to society, her child & her self.

  9. Really not sure if you're serious..but let's just mention a few reasons why some Black people might be angry with a system that serves justice for White people only: slavery, Jim Crow, not able to vote until 1965 and it's now been reversed with new racist voter ID laws, likely to die if you get stopped by cops, likely to die if you have your hands up, likely to die if you're arrested and in prison. The list can go on and on, but let's just stop there for now

  10. Raja Ikhlaq says:

    Black Woman Gets Disastrous Hair-do on Today Show, Stylist Slammed on Social Media

  11. Well then, if that is indeed the case, and if as Megyn Kelly so passionately emphasizes, the video clearly demonstrates Korryn Gaines intent to inflict dangerous, deviant, hate filled behavior on others, law enforcement, in this instance, you might want to think about rounding up all those white Caucasian Anglo Saxon Judaeo Christian European American "good ole boys and gals" posting videos on social media loading, playing, shooting and admiring their guns, with and without children present, whilst bemoaning their self deluded belief about losing their 2nd amendment rights. Clearly, they have mental issues, period, and are a menace to society, themselves and their children?

  12. Cal Davis says:

    Contrary to what lying ass Kelly stated, Korynn Gaines told her son, "don't get out." of the car. These folks are born liars. Another thing is, I didn't see the face of the person loading Shot Gun. Sorry, I don't believe a word out of the pie holes of these folks. Kelly is full uf shyt, and she knows it too.

  13. Cal Davis says:

    Sarah Bouabibsa: the paradigm is prophesied to reverse. "They wo led into captivity, shall be led captive" it's physics.

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