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Rush Limbaugh Compares Obama Mentioning Slavery to a Husband Reminding His Wife About an Affair After He’s Forgiven Her


On Tuesday’s edition of “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” host Rush Limbaugh demands that the Obamas stop talking and forget about the horrors of slavery in this country.

His response comes a day after first lady Michelle Obama said that the White House was built by slaves at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“They cant stop talking about slavery, and largely in a context of, ‘Hey, you know what? It isn’t settled yet.’ And, ‘Hey, you know what, we haven’t fixed it yet.” I mean, that’s their starting point, and I think that’s a no-win situation for us because we’ve made great strides. This country has made phenomenal strides since then. Undeniable. And we’re one of the only countries on Earth that has. Great Britain being the other. This country has done more for and organized for minorities than any other nation on earth.


That’s how I hear the Obamas. They love to wax eloquent about the early days and how they were 3/5 of a person, even though they never have been 3/5 of a person. He doesn’t even have any slave blood. She does, but he doesn’t, but they will admit they’re never going to let it go.”

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