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Audra McDonald Gives Bill O’Reilly a Graphic History Lesson for His Ignorance on Slavery


Singer-actress Audra McDonald has had enough of Bill O’Reilly’s racism towards the Black community. On Tuesday night’s episode of “The O’Reilly Factor,” the TV host responded to Michelle Obama’s remarks during her Democratic National Convention speech where she said the White House was built by enslaved Black people.

“Slaves that worked there were well-fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government, which stopped hiring slave labor in 1802,” the conservative historian stated.

It lead McDonald to give O’Reilly a history lesson of her own via social media. On Twitter Wednesday morning, the Broadway star posted a series of messages addressed, “Dear Mr. O’Reilly.”

Each tweet was accompanied by photos showing the terrible conditions enslaved Africans lived in.

With each tweet, the Broadway star asked the Fox News anchor to put himself in the place of an enslaved Black person.

The “Shuffle Along” star told the former teacher to “endure some of these,” referring to scars received from whippings by slave owners.

She also asked O’Reilly to live through the reality of nursing babies being separated from their mothers, who were sold to other slavemasters.

After addressing a tweet by Chris Filby  – who reacted to McDonald taking aim at O’Reilly – she finished her response to the syndicated columnist.

“Maybe now you’ll get why people are having a hard time with your description of the slaves ‘accommodations,’ ” the six-time Tony winner said.

McDonald is not the only one who is fed up with the political commentator’s ignorant, racist comments. Others on Twitter have reacted just as swiftly.

Dre Lou used O’Reilly’s rhetoric against him by making this comparison in response to another Twitter user.

Sam Levine called for the host to lose his job for “defending” enslavement.

Iris Carter flipped the tables on O’Reilly by inviting him to be enslaved by her in exchange for property.

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61 thoughts on “Audra McDonald Gives Bill O’Reilly a Graphic History Lesson for His Ignorance on Slavery

  1. I always loved her, I do moreso now. Thank Miss McDonald.

  2. Bill O'Reilly, the wife beater. I can see how a guy who liked to "tune his wife up" could think being a slave working on the White House meant being "well fed" and "well treated".

  3. Audra MacDonald nailed Bill O'Reilly on so many levels. Thank you Mrs. MacDonald. Great job.

  4. Audra MacDonald nailed Bill O'Reilly on so many levels. Thank you Mrs. MacDonald. Great job.

  5. Marie Amon says:

    What i don t understand is how come this white piece of trash has been able to remain on tv for so long without no one doing anything about it

  6. Diane Pugh says:

    EVERY race has had it's slave days …including white people. There's only one race that complains about it loooong after the situation has been ended and blames people who werent even born when all of this went on. SMH

  7. Cal Davis says:

    Sorry, but, we are fighting to stay alive right now, haven't you been paying attention. We will talk about slavery, as long as we're still being treated like second class citizens. But, It' was prophesied that these people would be delivered into the hands of their enemies and sold as bond men and bond women. It's written, it will always be talked about, this is biblical, way bigger than mere words. But, it has a bigger purpose also, God has a plan unfolding here. educate yourself read the Holy Scriptures, see for your self. Too much for me to reveal in one post. Thanks.

  8. Diane Pugh please read a book (history) you can't move on if you are not allowed. And yes many groups were enslaved, but none as harsh and perpetual as the one experienced by black americans. Until White America begins to understand the totality of that crime then we as a nation can move on, No one has asked the Jew to forget the holocaust and every year hollywood puts out a new movie about an event that happened in Europe. Slavery happened all over the world and lasted the longest in the UNITED STATES. So, if you are doing nothing then you are the problem. if you do not understand the issues, close your mouth and get educated. Have a blessed day.

  9. Diane Pugh your ignorance is obvious due to your Catholic upbringing. I had a similar upbringing, so I know what I'm talking about. Irish "slavery" was due to political dissent, and only affected one person. Blacks had to endure it for centuries, including their offspring, and they were very often separated from their parents at an early age…Keep up that racist rhetoric, and you're on the highway to Hell…

  10. Cal Davis says:

    I know after seeing the prophecy about these Black complected people brought here aboard ships with yokes of Iron around their necks, bound in chains and deliveredinto the hands of there enemies, and sold as bond men and bond women. These are my people. I also saw a bigger plan being revealed. Above all, I understood who these dark complected people were. Further more, these Edomites (White complected) people labeled these Black people as Africans. I found out that these Black people were the scattered nations of the Hebrew Israelites, who had been cast out of the land of Israel, b/c of disobedience to their God, as the man of God, Moses shewed them would befall them if they disobeyed God. Nevertheless, it came to pass. There is also, a prophecy still unfolding concerning these enemies who led these Hebrews into captivity, they shall be taken into captivity by those they hd taken into captivity. I'll digress, but, it is very intrigueing. It's all written in the Holy Book of God. But it makes sense, b/c balance is always achieved. I pray I see the ending of this saga. And also, God hates the Edomite, and swore by himself to destroy them and their god, Satan. Read the Book, It's all there. very Interesting folks.

  11. Diane Pugh Im sure you consider yourself a good christian but you are a hateful old woman. If there is a God, people like you will have to answer for the toxic garbage you spew. Your statement makes absolutely no sense. When exactly has Don Lemon made the racist, disgusting statements O'Reilly makes every day. I suspect your problem with Lemon is based solely on his race. Bill has no clue what he's talking about, but folks like you eat it up! In any case, the thread was about O'Reilly. Stop deflecting. Why would any decent person suggest that slavery wasn't so bad?

  12. Diane Savage says:

    Kay, why is that the statement white people always give. We need to move on. No we do not need to move on. America has never apologized and futhermore slavery in America did not end until 1965 with the signing of the. Voters Right Act. So, don't tell us to move on or how we should feel. No group of people in America history was ever treated like Black America.

  13. Diane Savage says:

    Diane Pugh, but you were around during the 50's and 60's. So, what's your excuse now.

  14. As far as the cabin, that wasn't uncommon for many Americans of any color, slave or free. More importantly, when are people going to quit focusing on a past that can't be changed, no matter how wrong, and work on the present and future Want to talk about slaves? Tell me what you're doing about the current worldwide slavery!!!

  15. Rych McCain says:

    Then get ove O.J, the civil war and 911!

  16. Grymz DF says:

    A judge was sentenced for selling blacks to jail, you'd be foolish to think that was an isolated incident. Officers are coming out against their precincts saying there is a quota to arrest minorities. The court system is sentencing blacks to harsher penalties for the same crimes committed by whites, and unarmed blacks are being killed at 5x's the rate of whites. I think it would be a smart idea to address to problems in this country before we start talking about fixing slavery "worldwide"

    Your comment was very disingenuous

  17. Marie Amon says:

    Yes but only white trash like the kkk or Bill O reilly would bring up the subject in a way that you re left no option but to complain. I didn t hear a black person talk about white slavery and compare it to a walk in the park

  18. Diane Pugh There's something we have today called systematic racism. Heard of it? Maybe if another group of people got over slavery and end racism the world would be a better place!

  19. Alex Tamayo says:

    A "God" that allows people to be enslaved and punished under any circumstance is nothing more than the creation of weak, ignorant people who want to control the masses.

  20. Gee Allen says:

    When have you ever heard some say to Jewish people, stop talking about the Holocaust? Or hear someone say, Japanese people need to stop talking about Hiroshima or the Japanese concentration camps? NEVER! So please stop telling black people not to talk about slavery.
    By the way, both Jewish and Japanese people received reparation.

  21. James Ray says:

    Diane Pugh Please tell me you are not in a position teaching young people with your outdated and racist thinking. The post you just made totally made no sense whatsoever. If you are ignorant on a subject and then try to formulate an opinion it only leads to you sounding ignorant. That "blaming people who weren't even born" statement is a typical white guilt cop out that most racist use because they feel black people should just get over it.

  22. Richard McCarthy Irish slavery affected way more than one person. It affected hundreds of thousands of Irish men, women and children. Between the enslavement and the destruction of the irish brought about by the English the Irish population went from 1.6 million to less than 600,000. I would hardly call this affecting one person. This is where Cromwell got his notoriety. The English had no regard whatsoever for the Irish and they were sent to the America and the Caribbean before black slaves. They were sold for less than black slaves. Black slaves were treated better as they wereviewed as better workers in the fields.

  23. Julian With says:

    It's not so complicated to understand why he remains so long on tv withhout anyone doing something about it. He's white and white people have the power in America. He justify a callous historic atrocity committed by white people. So he's doing them a great service by romanticizing the cruelty of slavery.

  24. Cal Davis well said, but some people refuse to be educated. They love ignorance and stupidity. Don't throw them a lifeline, give them a cement block and watch them sink in ignorance.

  25. Richard McCarthy well said but you cannot save some people from ignorance, especially if they were brought up in an ignorant family. That curse just travels from generation to generation.

  26. Patrick O'Neal Is your post serious?? Are you arguing that another group's enslavement in America was worse than African Americans' and that blacks were worth more in terms of cost? Please tell me that is not really your position!

  27. Gee Allen I don't see it happening on a daily basis, nor making claimes that aren't based in historical fact nor current statistical fact. My intended point was, work on NOW and TOMORROW. No one can change the past! I have Native American heritage, and I don't want to hear the tired, old excuse about everyone here is an invader to the Native Americas. Make choices TODAY.

  28. James Ray I think it's reasonable to say get over what you didn't even experience! Unless you've kept some biological secret and you're 200 years old!

  29. Clint Jaysiyel Wel, you just confirmed that you have no cogent argument since you devolved to the lowest intellectual level of being crude and rude!

  30. James Mcneil says:

    Diane Pugh Listen idiot this articulture is about bill the a hole reilly. I must have missed Diane Pugh in the title.

  31. His response to beating his wife, " My wife was well-fed and had good lodging while she was my slave… I mean wife! I beat her a couple good times but 90 percent of the other times she was well taking care of." Shameful O'Reilly logic.

  32. Are you kidding me Kay Seiler???!!! Slavery IS America's shame and because of ignorant people like you it needs to be explained until y'all GET IT!!!!! My God woman!!! It's obvious that our educational system has failed!!! SMDH!!!

  33. Cal Davis Book, chapter and verse, please? And don't tell me to find it for myself. You brought it up.

  34. Grymz DF says:

    "There's only one race that complains about it loooong after the situation has been ended" Diane Pugh

    Yes Diane, because there is only ONE race that continues to feel the negative affects of slavery today! Clearly you did not read my first comment. I guess you figure there are no more shackles so black people should be happy right? The audacity that blacks want EQUALITY after they've already been given "freedom" right? Smh

  35. Richard McCarthy Blacks held slaves too, here and in other nations.

  36. O'Reilly writes poorly researched term papers, then pays to have them published as books.

  37. Diane Pugh You need to be educated. No one race has been mistreated as the blacks and whites are still continuing to TRY to do so. We are complaining because the whites have not asked for forgiveness and youall try to act like it's nothing to it. We are still not treated equally.

  38. His response to beating his wife, " My wife was well-fed and had good lodging while she was my slave… I mean wife! I beat her a couple good times but 90 percent of the other times she well taking care of."

  39. Cal Davis Remember the bible was translated by man the Pope and then my Martin Luther, and King James and others) not God. Man has a tendency to skrew thing for his own reason. I love and know the Bible but as a creation of God I know and feel when thing are not true. God gave us 5 senses and God gave us 2 more to think and reason( Holy Spirit in side) and because of all the bling bling in the world we don't often use it As the various songs, and elders say "You will know"!!!

  40. Cal Davis I would love to hear more !

  41. Cal Davis I like your discussions. Keep breaking it down for these people. You are on point. HBCU brotha

  42. PL Carter says:

    Its calling rating…people turn in and your viewing is use to keep him on…we are smarter then this folks…tune off and see how long he stays.

  43. …because he's a "money winner"… in this Capitalistic society, Cash reins supreme…

  44. Keren Brown says:

    Richard McCarthy There is a massive diference between indentured servants and Slaves. furthermore the colour of Irish skin was never an issue they were accepted as fully human unlike Africans. The children of Irish Indentured Servants could get away with it after losing their accent, the children of slaves lost their langauge and identity and their race was has been ridiculed till the present day. Would you swap your race with me? I bet you wouldnt. I tell you there are many blacks that would swap with you in a heart beat. They hate themselfs because they have been told they are monkeys,, apes, stupid ugly unhuman etc. Many today bleach their skin and hate their natural hair. Only when you are willing from the heart to swap places with me, should you be allowed to say "get over it".

  45. …Do you say that to your Jewish friends, when they keep harping about the HOLOCUST???….

  46. Diane Pugh You are a fool and need to educate yourself a lot better before you die still being a fool.It is people like you who hold this country back from moving forward because you can't open your eyes to the atrocities right in front of you. We will never forget or forgive what was done to our ancestors so people like you will never have the chance to see it EVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

  47. Jim Day says:

    This is the newest "victim" group. The ABW. Angry Black Women.

  48. Ann Mac says:

    Diane Pugh that is not the issue. Look before you leap. Feigned ignorance and white fragility wont cut it. Feel free to educate us on any other group that were systematically enslaved for generations for economic gain, in order to build the wealth of the country of their oppressors in which their sons and daughters are still benefitting off.

  49. because of you black pieces of trash

  50. Richard E Davis Yes he does, but the uninformed recite the contents of his books as if they are facts!!

  51. Blah blah blah your typical still on the plantation black..only now their masters are the Democratic party. LOL

  52. Richard E Davis LOL you are exquisitely funny.

  53. Toni Neil Guinan-Hertzler I don't know you an I pray for you that you would find peace that you would not spew such ugliness. The flag thatyou wear in your Facebook everyone played apart on the growth of the representation. Whether what race ignorance hatred etc hasn't any color. When u take your last breath and your soul moves on that my lady doesn't have a color. That is how you should see people. No color but the state of their heart. Even then that soul is worth something an is in need of healing.

  54. Marie Amon says:

    toni Neil guinan-hertzler that s all you got? lol

  55. I think it was Reverend Jesse Jackson who stated "he thanks the Lord his ancestors got on that boat". Without question, slavery was bad in the United States, but the majority of slaves that came here were already slaves in Africa, and their families had been slaves for generations. They were sold by their black masters to their white masters. America fought a civil war to end slavery. Slavery still flourishes in much of Africa.

  56. According to the Thirteenth Amendment, slavery still exists.

  57. Toni Neil Guinan-Hertzler Jimmy Carter is one of the most decent, moral men to ever hold the office of President. He's also been a great humanitarian since leaving office.

  58. Eric Klimes says:

    How can anyone defend those comments unless you are completely ammoral!!!

  59. Grymz DF says:

    @Toni Neil Guinan-Hertzler please address me with facts. Everything I said can be proven FACTUAL. I'll be waiting, but I'm sure if you do respond it will be with your opinion again lol

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