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Watch: Van Jones Eviscerates Trump’s Ignorant ‘Mad Max’, ‘Schizophrenic’ Description of Urban Communities

On last night’s coverage of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, CNN’s Van Jones discussed Donald Trump’s divisive acceptance speech.

In the clip, Jones says that the Republican presidential candidate’s speech describes a dystopian, “Mad Max” America that is not reflective of the realities of Black people.

“I work in some of the toughest neighborhoods and in some of the toughest cities in this country. And I don’t know what he is talking about when he describes the country,” Jones explains. “It was some schizophrenic, psychopathic attempt to pull apart the Obama coalition, and from a political point of view he even botched that … He says he is going to reach out to African-Americans and deal with their economic pain — it’s hard to get a job with a criminal record. Every other leader in the country — on both sides of the aisle — has talked about criminal justice. He didn’t.”

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2 thoughts on “Watch: Van Jones Eviscerates Trump’s Ignorant ‘Mad Max’, ‘Schizophrenic’ Description of Urban Communities

  1. Dennis Moore says:


    This Gov't stole land from the Indians and gave it to who? White Immigrants (free of charge).
    This Gov't then stole the Indians gold and gave it to who? White Immigrants.
    This Gov't allowed people to "legally" be enslaved for hundreds of years, and that benefited who? White Immigrants.
    This Gov't(and their allies) colonized an entire continent, and where did the profits go? White Immigrants!
    Hispanics allowed Whites to settle on some of their land, and now it's call “The American Southwest”
    And now…..LET'S Stop making bigots & racists rich with our tax dollars!!
    Institutionalized Discrimination:
    You know the unjust and discriminatory mistreatment of an individual or group of individuals by organizations such as governments, corporations, financial institutions, public institutions, and other societal entities.
    Our government is still awarding (bid & no-bid) contracts annually in the $$Billions annually.
    TO WHO
    And these same “White Trump Like People” NOW, have the audacity to boast, and take pride, in how well they are doing in America.
    Those are OUR TAX DOLLARS putting food on everybody's table but our own.

  2. Donald Trump is Immortan Joe with his gang of brats and string of ex-wives, and his lust for power

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