Watch: Officers Arrive in Man’s Driveway to Carry Out Arrest Warrant, What Happens Next is Disturbing

Police body cam released Thursday shows a group of Savannah, Georgia police officers ambushing and tasing the wrong Black man twice while serving a warrant in February of this year.

According to The Daily Beast, Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department arrived at the driveway of 24-year-old Patrick Mumford to issue a warrant for arrest. What they did not know was that Mumford was not the man they wanted.

SCMPD officers wanted Michael Clay. Officers assumed Mumford was lying when he told them repeatedly that he was not Clay. In the footage, the officers ambush the man sitting in the sedan and tried to arrest him. One of the three officers tased the man twice as the struggle escalated.

Per body cam footage, officers did not realize their mistake until they had Mumford in handcuffs and pulled out his wallet. In the video, one of the officers says that Mumford and Clay looked similar. However, ID confirmed that Mumford was not Clay.

Now, Mumford and his attorney, Will Claiborne, are seeking legal action.

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