MTV Panel Host Ask Director About White People’s Reaction to Racial Violence, His Answer is Utterly Surprising, Thought-Provoking

On July 8, Jose Antonio Vargas, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and director of 2015’s “White People,” discussed race and police brutality in wake of the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in the MTV News special “From What Now?”

In the 2-minute clip, Vargas is amazed that young white people feel they suffer from racial discrimination.

“I feel that Black people must be beyond exhausted trying to have this conversation with us,” he says. “We’ve been having this conversation since the founding of this country when we had a three-fifths clause in the Constitution … what are white people going to do about it?”

Then, Vargas tells the audience about findings from a 2015 MTV study. He says that many of the white young people they interviewed believe that they experienced racism as much as Blacks.

“Most young people of all colors are uncomfortable talking about race. The idea is to be color blind. I don’t know how you can watch Diamond Reynolds in that video and be color blind.”

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