Wendy Williams Dragged for Ignorant Comments About HBCUs, NAACP: ‘What If it Was the National Organization for White People?



Wendy Williams drew the ire of Black Twitter Wednesday when she commented on a petition to fire Jesse Williams from ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. The appeal was launched because of his remarks during his BET Awards speech condemning the white community for appropriating Black culture while remaining silent on the plight of Black lives – including death by police.

The TV host briefly praised the actor’s speech during the June 26 ceremony as “very poignant, on one hand” but then discussed why she would have a problem with Black organizations like the NAACP and historically Black colleges and universities.

“On the other hand, you know, I would be really offended if there was a school that was known as a historically white college,” she said on The Wendy Williams Show. “We have historically Black colleges. What if it was the National Organization for White People only? There’s the NAACP.”

Williams’ audience remained silent, leading the New Jersey native to clarify her remarks.

“Look, everybody’s quiet. You’re leaving me out here to dry by myself? One wrong word — I’m choosing my words carefully – but what I am saying is racism sucks and we can all do better in our household, educating ourselves and teaching our children to make it better.”

“National speeches like this will always rub people the wrong way,” she continued. “Just like white people will be offended because Spelman College is a historically Black college for women. You might feel funny about that. I know I’d feel funny like I just told you. If there was a white college or whatever.”

Twitter quickly fired back at Wendy for her statements, schooling her on why there is a need for HBCUs to exist.

Shakari Biggs humorously responded to the host’s out-of-touch comments.

Danielle tweeted Williams should know better.


While Ash took the time to swiftly educate the media personality on why HBCUs are necessary.


Twitter user @iHeart_AshBri pointed out that while Williams questioned the need for the NAACP and Black colleges, her daytime talk show is syndicated on BET.


Mika C called out the former radio host for her comments on “historically white colleges.”


Watch Wendy’s comments in the video below.


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