Watch: Young Woman Presents Provocative Argument for How Polygamy May Help Solve Some Issues in Black Community

A conscious and pro-Black YouTuber makes the case for polygamous relationships in a video from last December.

YouTuber Goddess Aayanna starts the video defining what polygamy is. She says polygamy was part of west African society before slavery.

“It is the natural order of the African family structure …  It will heal the sisterhood,” she says. ” A lot of sisters walk around with other sisters because they look at their sisters as competition instead of as family.”

The YouTuber goes on to say that competition over partners creates division among Black women.

“At this point, we don’t have the luxury to have one man to our self — we’re at war. A lot of our men are locked up … So it would be selfish to get with this monogamy s—t. It is selfish on our behalf. I understand that is a taught behavior but it is selfish because it leaves the kids with single-mother households … It is unnatural to have one parent carry out both jobs, both roles… Polygamy will help with the children. “

Goddess Aayanna even discuss polyandry as a way to build economic empires if a male isn’t financially stable.

She ends her video by reinforcing the idea that mass incarceration may be the ultimate reason for trying out polygamy and polyandry.

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