Watch: Retired DC Officer Reveals How Judge Dropped the Ball in #FreddieGray Trial


On yesterday’s edition of RT America with Lindsay France, former police officer Ronald Hampton talks about the aftermath of the not guilty verdict for Baltimore police officer Caesar Goodson, who was charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

Hampton, of the National Police Accountability Project, tells France that in bench trials, “Most of the time the decisions are in favor of the police officer.”

“But the question is, are they going to convict an officer in the death of Freddie Gray,” Hampton asks rhetorically. “The people wants some kind of justice as it relates to Freddie Gray and what has been happening in Baltimore all along …”

Hampton adds that the officers are feeling pretty good right now.

“The score is 0-2 and one mistrial … the wagon man should be paying some sort of price.”

The former officer also comes to the defense of State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby for bringing charges against the six officers involved in the in-custody death of Gray. However, he gives a caveat to his support for Mosby stating that “she has to win one of these decisions because this is a crime against the citizens of Baltimore.”

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