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Freddie Gray Trial: New Details Revealed During Closing Arguments Increase Suspicion of Foul Play

Yesterday, new details about the Freddie Gray case were introduced as attorneys gave their closing arguments in the Caesar Goodson trial.

Goodson, 46, is the third officer to be tried after involvement in the in-custody death of the 25-year-old Baltimore man last year.

In the news report from The Real News, reporter Stephen Janis states that officers got out of the police van multiple times to check on the condition of Gray. None of the officers ever called for medical attention. Janis goes on to say that at one stop, the first officer who was tried, William Porter, waved to officer Goodson to shut the door.

The reporter states that Goodson repeatedly said Gray was combative, but the closing arguments revealed no one called that in. Janis says the final statements reveal that there was no blood or bruises on Gray’s head, even though the defense insinuates that Gray caused his own injuries.

The defense believed that Gray injured himself during the fifth and sixth stop. Then Janis adds that Goodson does not call for medical attention at the last stop, “doesn’t open up the back of the van, doesn’t do anything.”

The news report also states that there was an unreported stop that leaves many suspecting foul play.

Judge Barry G. Williams will issue Goodson’s verdict Thursday, reports the Baltimore Sun.

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