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Racists Have Turned Their Vile, Disgusting Attention from Malia Obama to Sasha for Her 15th Birthday

Madame Noire

Madame Noire

After racist trolls went in on Malia Obama when it was announced she would attend Harvard in Fall 2017, equally disturbing messages have been shared for Sasha Obama’s 15th birthday in a right wing Facebook group.

The Resistance: The Last Line Of Defense page posted an image of the younger Obama June 10 asking followers what message they have for her on her birthday, which was June 10.

The photo took a screenshot from Good Morning America and captioned it, “she’s a lovely young lady, but her parents? Not so much.”

Users quickly wrote bigoted messages targeting her parents President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

“Sorry you have to live with two people that have no respect for this country,” Dan Noel asserted.

Many called for the family to leave the United States because of the president’s policies.

“Leave my country and take your American hating race baitering hag of a mother and your candy a– father with you [too],” wrote Glen Sexton.

Evelyn Arnold Karnes echoed his statements, urging Sasha to “hurry up and take the rest of your communist family and get the hell out of WeThe Real AMERICANS House !!!!!”

Not only was the family attacked for their political ideals, they were also ridiculed for their appearance.

“Your dad is a disgusting gay [M]uslim traitor, your ugly mom is really a man, and America hates you. GO TRUMP,” Larry Walker said.

Perhaps the most disturbing comment of all came from Steve Gentile, who proudly displayed a Confederate flag as his profile photo.

“Hope you get raped by [one] of [O]bama’s illegals,” he wrote.

Still, many commenters came to the Obamas’ defense, specifically noting that Sasha was a young woman independent of her parents.

Jennifer Hanlon said she found Gentile’s comment to be the “most disgusting.”

“There are no words for that. It’s so wrong on so many levels I wouldn’t know where to start. She is a 15-year-old child. Hate her [father], hate his politics, support the racist misogynist,” she added referring to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. “But leave the kids alone you sick bastards.”

“You guys are some real animals,” Carol DeLapp wrote. “How do you even twist your minds to come up with this s—about a sweet teenage girl? You should be embarrassed that you say this shit. I pray for you and the hate in your hearts. And if you are real Christians you would know better than to spew such hate.”

Jeri Burke called out the racist trolls for deleting their comments.

“So all the ignorant, racist, assholes came back and deleted their comments I see…too bad there were screen shots taken and we know who and what you are,” she said, likely referencing those posted by Liberal America.

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