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11 Dope Swimsuit Brands Designed by Black Women That Will Set Your Summer Right


Kambili Ofili-Okonkwo, a Nigerian designer, founded Kamokini when she was looking for “stylish bikinis at high street prices.” She created the line to take charge of what women expect to find in swimsuits – affordability, style and flattering looks. They are inspired by African culture and Western fashion trends. It can be found in stores across Nigeria and online.



8th & Ocean Swim
8th & Ocean Swim was launched by Shakedria Mathis for the “travel-kini” enthusiast known as the “pretty, young traveler.” The PYT is a fearless, cultured individual who loves to travel. A limited-edition Brazilian hand-made bikini is currently available. The website also sells other branded items, including cropped tank tops and t-shirts in white, black and gray.

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