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Video: This Is What Obama Thinks When He Hears ‘Let’s Make America Great Again’

In yesterday’s edition of PBS NewsHour, acclaimed journalist Gwen Ifill asked President Barack Obama about his thoughts on the slogan for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump: “Let’s Make America Great Again.”

In the hour-long town hall discussion hosted in Elkhart, Indiana, Ifill wanted to know how Obama felt about Trump’s popularity with Republican voters and his unexpected rise in the 2016 presidential race.

When asked about the slogan, Obama said, “America is pretty great.”

He reminds young people that America is thriving whenever he gives commencement speeches.

According to Obama, this is the best time to be an American. There is no other time in the past that allowed different people to succeed. The nation is stronger than ever and we are “well positioned to do extraordinarily well as long as we make good decisions,” he tells Ifill.

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