Big Boi Responds to Backlash Over Meme Comparing Moms of the Past to Twerking Mothers Today

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Wikipedia Commons

Big Boi may have many accolades as one-half of the iconic Atlanta-based hip-hop duo OutKast, but he was admonished on Twitter after he posted a meme comparing mothers of the 1970s to mothers of the present.

The image posted May 29 displayed a screen grab of fictional mother Florida Evans from “Good Times” talking to her TV daughter Thelma as she cooks over a stove. Next to it was a mother in a thong-bottomed swimsuit sitting on a stool in the shower as a young girl looks on. A caption reading, “Mothers in the ’70s/Mothers now” sits over the images. Beneath them is the phrase,  “… and we act like we don’t know what’s wrong with these kids.”

Big Boi didn’t accompany the tweet with any thoughts of his own but he did not need to for followers to drag him on his antiquated views.

Users pointed out how ridiculous the juxtaposition was.

One also questioned the sexism further by wondering why the rapper chose to come for Black women instead of condemning Black men for their transgressions.

Another user took aim at the way Big Boi behaved as a married man and father.

Stereo Williams was surprised by the way fans reacted to the image, noting Big Boi and his OutKast bandmate Andre 3000 have capitalized on female sexuality throughout their careers.

Feminista Jones flooded Big Boy’s mentions with several examples of how mothers of 2016 have made strides in raising their children, often overcoming adversity to get an education, achieve success and continue to be present parents.

Still, there are plenty of folks on Twitter who agree with the MC’s view. The meme has 1,300 retweets and 1,100 favorites as of May 31.

The Atlien responded to the criticism May 30. He stated he appreciates the female body but does not condone showing it off in front of a child. Big also made it clear that he did not make the meme.

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