Protesters in Albuquerque Light Up City, Clash with Cops, Adding to Long List of Violent Trump Political Rallies


A political rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump turned violent Tuesday night, as protesters clashed violently with city police and set property on fire.

Hours before the rally at the Albuquerque Convention Center, protesters lined up outside to voice their frustrations with the lone-standing Republican candidate. The Associated Press reported on the scene as the protests started off moderately well and then escalated with melees with the police.

Many protesters appeared to be Hispanic. Most waved Mexican flags as they set fire to Trump memorabilia and fought with Albuquerque Police Department officers in head-to-toe riot gear.

The AP reports that protesters threw rocks and smoke grenades as officers pepper sprayed them and retaliated with night sticks.

Some protesters managed to get into the convention center, but they were escorted out immediately.

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