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President Buhari Doesn’t Want Apology From David Cameron, He Wants Nigeria’s Money Back

British Prime Minister David Cameron was caught on camera telling the Queen that Nigeria and Afghanistan are two of the most corrupt countries in the world, during a reception at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the monarch’s 90th birthday. Nigerian President Buhari didn’t care for an apology, but wants this instead.

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2 thoughts on “President Buhari Doesn’t Want Apology From David Cameron, He Wants Nigeria’s Money Back

  1. Exactly! I've never understood why anyone would want/demand an appoligy from anyone or any group when it doesn't help nor is there any sencerity behind it it's on the same level as a kid being forced to say sorry simply because "that's what you're supposed to do"

  2. Nana Baakan says:

    These people Crack me up pointing fingers at other folks.
    Britain has colonized much of Africa and the so-called new world with Queen Elizabeth being the largest land owner in the world.
    Britain and it's other European allies have kidnapped and enslaved millions of Africans and continues racist policies against them.
    Britain join the US in its false reporting of WMD in in Iraq and joined the party of the willing to bomb Iraq back to the stone age.
    And let's not talk about child trafficking and pedophilia!
    There is no honesty among thieves and seriously this criminal can't point a finger at anybody!

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