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South Carolina Man Who Killed, ‘Slow Cooked’ the Bodies of 2 Men Is Now Out on Bond Thanks to Stand Your Ground Law

Guma Oz Dubar (Photo Credit: Charleston County Detention Center) and James Loftis (Photo Credit: Goose Creek Police Department)

Guma Oz Dubar (Photo Credit: Charleston County Detention Center) and James Loftis (Photo Credit: Goose Creek Police Department)

It was a typical Saturday night for taxi cab driver Guma Oz Dubar, 46, as he picked up passengers in need of a ride home after a long night of partying. With his friend James Cody Newland, 32, in tow, the two picked up a man named James Edward Loftis from a local South Carolina strip club. Things took a turn for the worst, however, when they dropped Loftis off at his Goose Creek home.

39-year-old Loftis claimed the taxi driver and his friend demanded a large amount of cash for the taxi ride and attempted to force their way into his house. That’s when he shot both men in the head and chest. Loftis then dug a shallow grave in his backyard and set the bodies on fire.

“They were essentially just slow-cooked inside the grave site,” said Deputy Solicitor Bryan Alfaro.

Police arrived at the home later that night after Loftis’ wife reported that while she was out of town, her husband had called her to say he “killed ‘them’ and put them in the back yard,” the Washington Post reports. She noticed the smell of bleach from her husband’s attempted crime scene cleanup when she came home. She also explained to police that her husband has a history of mental issues, per an incident report.

The South Carolina man now faces two murder charges for the deaths of the African-American cab driver and his friend, according to Raw Story.

The news publication also reports that Loftis gave authorities varying accounts of what happened the evening of March 5, 2016. He initially told police he invited the two men in but then contradicted his story by saying they barged into his home.

Per Rolling Out, the family and friends of Dubar, the slain taxi driver, say that he would never force anyone to pay a cab fare; he would instead call the police and let them handle it like he’s done in the past.

Stephen Harris, the attorney appointed to defend Loftis, acknowledges that what his client did was “heinous” but he had every right to defend himself under South Carolina’s Stand Your Ground Law.

“He’s a human being,” Harris said. “He freaked out and thought he was going to prison, so he tried to hide the bodies. Nobody knows how you’re going to react when you kill two people.”

According to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division website, the state’s Protection or Persons and Property Act is essentially a “Stand Your Ground” law that legally authorizes the use of deadly force against an intruder in your home, vehicle or place of business. The law also grants immunity “from criminal prosecution and civil action” to individuals who decide to use lethal force to defend themselves.

Loftis was allegedly traumatized by the attempted home invasion and used evidence of a size 12 shoe print at the door of his home in order to support his claim.

Per Raw Story, circuit Judge Markley Dennis complied to allow Loftis to post $250,000 bond at a court hearing Sunday, stating that his choice of the defense makes him less of a flight risk. Loftis’ lawyer says he will remain under house arrest until his trial.

One of the victim’s daughters said she forgives Loftis for what he did, according to Live5News. Dubar’s wife isn’t willing to forgive just yet, though.

“You took my soulmate from me,” she said to the Post and Courier. “He didn’t deserve to be burned.”

What people are saying

79 thoughts on “South Carolina Man Who Killed, ‘Slow Cooked’ the Bodies of 2 Men Is Now Out on Bond Thanks to Stand Your Ground Law

  1. Chris Wolfe says:

    This shit will continue to happen as long as black folk forgive without FIRST seeking accountablity and justice.

  2. That's a road y'all don't want to go down. lol

  3. african americans are the most stupid set of blacks we have in this century with that stupid ideology of "i forgive you".. Dylan wolf who killed people at the church was forgiven,now another monster was forgiven. I cant just stop laughing cuz thats how you will continue to forgive them until they reduce the african american population to zero..This crackers will never forgive your pets if it comes across their way not to talk of your kids or family members and you are all there bluffing of forgiving while shouting injustice

  4. Jan Holmes says:

    We need to separate ourselves from those neanderthal cave beast as they have proven to us over and over again that they never fully evolve to human form. You cannot turn savages into humans. Its just not possible.,,,,Look back at histoy. They haven't change,and they never will.

  5. James Outlaw says:

    Why are the victims pics posted from police dept, like mug shots, but not the killer?

  6. Jeremiah 18:23
    Yet, LORD, thou knowest all their counsel against me to slay me: forgive not their iniquity, neither blot out their sin from thy sight, but let them be overthrown before thee; deal thus with them in the time of thine anger.

  7. Jan Holmes says:

    The white guy is the one that killed the two black guys.

  8. Jan Holmes says:

    Don't be surprise if the Craker cops didn't treat him to Mc Donald to told him. Job well done

  9. I thought Jeremiah was a song about a bullfrog?

  10. Jan Holmes says:


  11. IMO I think the defended is lying. Regardless this stand your ground this! Don't ever to someone else place without a other a witnesses and others know your whereabouts. Any person sane or not can claim this law and basically get away with murder. Its the civilian version of cops saying" I feared for my life" justifying killing you.

  12. All lives matter huh?

  13. Brien Woods says:

    Jan Holmes none of this seemed racist until you brought up cracker cops. Was the second victim even black? There's no pic and it only mentions "African American cab driver and his friend". Dude was mentally unstable, this isn't a hate crime

  14. Jan Holmes says:

    Brien Woods ..How many times will you pull the mental illness cards. Seems the only time they have mental issues, is when they commit some horrific crime.

  15. Brien Woods says:

    Jan Holmes not as many times as you pull the race card. Seriously your comments make no sense, keep trolling tho. You cracker comment is straight up racist though, hope your proud of you ignorance.

  16. Brien Woods says:

    Adama Diop really? The title I see says "the bodies of 2 men", nothing about color. I know all the facts about what Jan said and see you guys defending her racist statements and rather comment on my post where u actually said this is a very sad incident. Seriously nobody will even acknowledge that? Is it fine for her to say stuff like that because she's not white? And maybe this mental illness thing is bigger than I thought because I really didn't know it was ALWAYS the case like you just stated. But I'm sure you have all the facts in order where a blanket statement like that is appropriate. Speaking in absolutes is foolish.

  17. Jan Holmes it's so sadly ironic… white man kills… oh he was sick, he was mentally ill… dark man kills… that MONSTER…. yeah… that's tiresome bullshit they replay repeatedly… it's so often framed that way. He needs to be in prison to protect other human beings.

  18. Does this article mention that DUBAR was arrested for attempted murder in 2012. And has a history of robbery.

  19. Jan Holmes one of the victims was white

  20. Brien Woods says:

    My point is that Jan is not adding any type of positive argument, she's hate mongering. How does she know the second victim is black? Is it mentioned anywhere? If the second victim is white doesn't it mean race is obsolete in this issue? Where did she get the idea that the "cracker" cops were even white? Also not mentioned in the article. But she can say some racist stuff and get people liking her comments and agree with everything she says and overlook her bigotry? I agree this guy shouldn't have gotten out on bail, 100%. I disagree 100% that this is a race issue, it's just a messed up issue that is sad enough without ignorant people muddying the waters further.

  21. Eric Kaplan you are one dumb bitch! shhh-hhhhh you're letting ppl know you are an inbred stupid lil knuckle dragging ape!

  22. Adama Diop says:

    Brien Woods So u know all the facts, huh?. It's always mental illness when a white man whacks black folks. By the way it clearly says 2 black men on the title.

  23. Eric Kaplan says:

    Racist cunt, shhhh. You're dumb and insolent.

    Yea white people are the savages, sure… That's why they created society And civilization instead of literal African savage tribalism…. Right

  24. You may want to watch who your're calling stupid, we all aren't so quick to forgive. Although I disagree with the fucked up delivery, I do however agree with what you said, but just remember my friend I'm not sure what country you were born in but black is black and believe me when they are done with us, they are coming for the rest of the blacks, so watch whose graves you dig!!

  25. Jan Holmes says:

    Eric Kaplan The stench between the parasites that push you out is the only cunt thought your cave beast ass mouth should utter…The whites create society and cililization. AH…Boy, go pick up a history book and educate your un use brain. if by chance your come across some books about Africa, when you reach the part where they stole and continues to steal from that conitent. Demand that they give it back…ERIC from the caucous mountain of EUROPE…you are the perfect example of an inbred. Ya mothet is your sistet, and your sister is your mother.

  26. Jan Holmes says:

    Brien Woods Hate Monger,or maybe we are fed effing up with all the bs,and sick and tied of people like you always trolling with your lame excuse comments where race is a factor. Ya see your porn,ya see your dogs, ya see the thugs,but when it comes to that, your head is in the sand with your ass up in the sun.,,HELL, Stevie Wonder has better sight .BTW, my comments is not for likes as this is not a popularity contest.

  27. Dian Moffatt says:

    The daughter of one of the victims forgives him, really! What's up with the programmed Negroes who so easily forgive white people's brutality but likely hate and fight their black family and neighbors for any slights? Smh!

  28. Brien Woods says:

    Jan Holmes this is now the second time im saying this but you really make no sense and the points im making are going over your head so I won't argue with you. You don't think you're racist, cool whatever but that's how you come off and from all your comments on this article, you definitely are. Or you know you are racist and your OK with that because it's OK for you to be racist and nobody else. Nobody here seems to disagree with me about that, but nobody is agreeing either because it looks bad. Racism isn't a one way street. Either way, doesn't matter to me, I can have a more intelligent conversation with my 8 year old nephew than I can with you. I feel bad for you, you just make things worse even if in your head you think you are helping. Best of luck to you, I hope you find peace or justice or whatever it is you are looking for by spewing a bunch of nonsense all over the internet.

  29. Michael Murray Victims of racism can absolutely be racist, and women can absolutely be sexist. Some are misandrists, and believe it or not, some are misogynists. It's absolutely mental, and I don't understand the logic of it either, but there's no denying it happens.

  30. Brellow Deen says:

    Enough of this forgiveness BS. Anyone who's involved in allowing this murder to get off easy needs to be held acc

  31. Eric Kaplan says:

    Edited and still couldn't fix all the errors… Adorable ?????

  32. James Outlaw says:

    Jan Holmes Thanks, I didn't read that carefully.

  33. Brien Woods you sound like a 5 yr old?? This type of bs happens every day and people like you pick and choose what "facts" you want to believe. 1st the cab driver had a history of calling the police when a fair was not paid. He did not have a history of running into somebodies house demanding money. 2nd if it's self defense you call the police and say I was being robbed, and killed 2 people in self defense. Not burn them out back?? Where did it say the second victim wasn't black?? More to the point why do you assume he wasn't, if not simply so you can deny its a race issue?? Then to top it off you try to play the reverse racism bs?? Talking about people trolling the Internet?? Your on an Atlantablackstar post?? Do you even know who you are?? I mean seriously, what's with this new fad of calling victims of racism, racists?? What's next, you gonna blame women for sexism??

  34. Tamika Bell says:

    Where r u from???? Can I come there??? THATS all they do is brown nose and cow tow. And its gonna cost us.. I'm not tryna die or nothing else because of this ass kiss culture

  35. Rebecca, by definition racism is based off of a group feeling superiority over another race. So by definition, blacks can't be racist. Our hate towards "some" white people are based off of mistreatment by whites. Not a superiority, like whites hate towards blacks. I used the woman angle, because if a woman speaks towards the lack of equality between men/women she's not sexist. She's simply speaking the truth. 75cents to every mans dollar can't be argued. Whites are twice as likely to kill blacks, then blacks are to kill whites. As shown by Trump lovers favorite stat. About black on black crime being 93% compared to white on white crime being in the 85% range. Which for the simple people means 15% of the murders white commit are minorities. While only 7% of blacks murders are outside there race. Just some food for thought…

  36. lets get out facts right yeah she may be put a line a bit but yo dumb ass think white ppl came up with civilization bro you wrong look up yo damn history everything the white ppl have they pretty much stole from another place you called the Indians savages every one that's not white is a savage right wrong y'all are there are more serial killers between the ages of 16-25 are mostly white men…trust if you really wanna be really about the white man can be preicieved to be the route of all evil… Remembered y'all ain't fucking innocent what's going on in today's world is just proof that end of days are near…. I guess yo racist ass think Jesus is white too right lol dumbass

  37. Jan Holmes, yes ma'am!!! Religion is killing and keeping us broke!!! I get tired of the let's pray. You pray and I'll do. Faith w/o work is DEAD! 9 people in a church and got slaughtered!!!

  38. Betty Smith says:

    This is truly sad. People in Alabama is also
    So beyond words, that the Chief of Police killed
    A young black male as he spoke to the Mayor of
    Eufaula, All, down like a mad dog in broad daylight
    And the citizens were as to go home and let
    Jesus take care of the issue. Jesus has been
    Death to the indigenous people since
    His army of blood suckers appearance!

  39. I appreciate the time you took in articulating your point. But to answer your question. No I don't think Jan is racist because she's speaking from a position of being the victim of racism directly or indirectly. The facts are blacks are being murdered by white people and getting away with it on a regular basis. Blacks kill blacks too, but we go to jail for it. Same as when blacks kill whites, aside from OJ. ? We are tired of hearing the mental illness bullshit, "justified shootings" by police of unarmed men, or bs like this stand your ground crap!! Name a black man that has ever gotten off with murdering a white man with stand your ground and you might begin to understand Jan, and my frustration with this country and the inequality in which we deal with crime from different races. As far as the friend being white, it doesn't really matter. The racist angle is about "stand your ground". It's only use is to allow white men to get away with murder.

  40. Steve Bravo says:

    Thats why "they" "gave" Africans (slaves) christianity, so they can just keep forgiving the atrocities over and over and over again.

  41. Brien Woods yea everytime a European decent individual commits a crime its bc of mental issues…. Well i guess all those centuries of incest caught up….

  42. Forgive him????????? like hell no, that was a henious crime agianst a human being

  43. In baltimore city last year over 300 homicides all black on black even in Freddie gray case 3 or 4 cops were black but all this is okay one white guy kills a black person people raise hell when they kill each other in the streets and hurt innocent people it's okay

  44. Shawn Mc says:

    even if he agreed to invite them over , you going in a single man house late at night you dont know ?

  45. Don Williams says:

    Where tf are u from where its okay to kill each other and hurt innocent people? That shit aint acceptable in any hood that I've lived in…..A lot of black people actually go to jail for murder, especially if we murder a white person, self defense and mental issues be damned, that shit dont work for us. NTM, we would probably report more if the police actually gave af about our safety. They dont protect shit!

  46. Sig Jules says:

    if it was a black man who murderd two white men.he will be on dead row right now.

  47. Brien Woods says:

    James Outlaw don't read her comment too carefully either, becasue its inaccurate.

  48. A footprint at the door don't mean shit. He could've placed there, they were already dead

  49. For the life of me I can't figure out where all this rushing to forgive murderers comes from. Im sure shes got at least a dozen people she actually needs to forgive… This killer isn't one of them.

  50. Yvonne Yavon says:

    Stop Forgiving … prior to justice, pentance confession and remorse!!

  51. So many people so far are commenting based on the belief that both men who were murdered were black men, when in actual fact they were both one black man and one white man. If you do a Google search, or read other articles about this terrible crime, you will also see pictures of this other man.

  52. That subtle inflation because the truth wasn't good enough is hilarious. Also all 3 black officers weren't the initial people to encounter Gray. Also kudos on somehow equating police violence to criminals as if there isn't a difference between how a police officer is expected to act and a common criminal.

  53. crazy because all we have is his word..and since he didnt go to the police his word really doesnt mean shit…2 men dead burnt and buried..and he's out on bond…wow….

  54. Dee Robinson says:

    This man is dead and they put an old mugshot photo, forgiving them, tf is wrong with our race.. We are the weakest

  55. Jan Holmes
    Hi Jan, I've not read many of the comments so far, but just came across your one about the mug shots being used for both of the poor guys who were murdered, I totally agree that if they can use a regular photo for the murdering scum then they can afford the same courtesy to the two guys who's lives were taken.
    However the only bit I wish to question, is where you say both murdered men were black, as from what I've read on a few articles elsewhere it was two friends both a black man and a white man who were murdered.

  56. This raciscm needs to stop. whats wrong is wrong, no matter what color your skin is. if your an american, your an american nothing more!

  57. Kim Louise says:

    Eric Kaplan , and you call Jan a racist !

  58. Brien Woods says:

    Yeah I agree, theres no witnesses anymore so it's up to the shooter to tell the story however he wants, unless there is some evidence that suggests otherwise. Wrong or right, its def a controversial law.

  59. Charlee Ford says:

    Stephen Harris, the attorney appointed to defend Loftis, acknowledges that what his client did was “heinous” but he had every right to defend himself under South Carolina’s Stand Your Ground Law.
    “He’s a human being,” No he's not! No way is this pig a human being.

  60. Jan Holmes the man shot a black man and a white man.

  61. Dian Moffatt says:

    Brien Woods Race card? Whoa!!! You and your type have a judgment coming like none seen in all of our human history.

  62. wow, race shouldnt have to play a part in this, that dude killed two innocent people for nothing. he should not have got out of jail. Death penalty is needed, everyone says oh i got mental problems, but you can control or prevent that from happening.

  63. Brien Woods says:

    Dian Moffatt I only said that in response to Jan accusing me of pulling the "mental illness card"

  64. Exactly totally agree and the power that be call the the BLM movement a terror

  65. Totally agree!!!

  66. Betty Smith When did this happen?

  67. Dian Moffatt I totally agree.

  68. It does not matter what color they were this white man should be in jail until trial without bond period.

  69. This is a animal evil to the core.

  70. Jan Holmes WORD!!!!!

  71. So so true that if he would have made it to lock up.

  72. Not for me brother if one of them devils hit me I"m drawing blood period.

  73. That's because whites kill and get away with it–they know another black person will not–the law will throw the book at a black man for simply jay walking

  74. Rose Culler says:

    Brien Woods So the family of the deceased should just grin and bear it??

  75. Rose Culler says:

    White people kill each other all the time. Is this white on white crime?

  76. Brien Woods says:

    Donnie Corbett Good to hear you assume people with mental problems are pure evil, very compassionate of you. You have no idea how I would react if it were my loved ones and neither do I because luckily a tragedy like this hasn't befallen my family. You are right though that I would want justice, but thats regardless of the murderer's skin tone. Color wouldn't sway my decision either way, but that might be because I'm not racist like some of the people commenting on here seem to be.

  77. Brien Woods says:

    Rose Culler I never said I had a solution, just pointing out that people were getting worked up over race when it wasn't even a factor in this terrible crime. America is going to shit and the media has a lot to do with it, we are all victims of the media.

  78. The devil has it coming
    What you do in front of cameras and peoples faces ISNT why we hate you.

  79. This guy was a nut that kid was a nut he didn't talk hardly at all How many stories do you read about blacks killing whites in this country Facts you can find on the CDC webssite for death 97 % of black that are killed by black the other three percent are by whites and others 8 percemt of whites killed are by blacks being the white population make up 68 % of this country means that blacks kill 45% more whites then whiite kill blacks. Now this guy who they let out on bail should be in a mental ward and the judge should be removed from the bench Most blackneed to blame someone for the life they have I have seen it in Brooklyn NY Chicago IL then Camdem NJ whites don't haul their garbge into their apartments hallways and leave it they don't pee all over the building The best way for blacks to get a head is to make something out of themselves. All you need is something that is even dissppearing in the white race is work ethic Do whatever job you have better then the rest and you will raise above the rest of the people that work at the sme place The last thing blacks should be doing is preaching revvolutiom or the killing of whites because the brreak down of the black race is only 4.5 % are males and 65% of that number are under 25 Then you have to subtract those wwho are actualy happy with the life they build this wasn't written to judge blacks just to point out facts tthat the media and race baiter are actually using you as puppets.

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