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NAACP President Demands Trump Address These Issues Before Securing the Black Vote

On Monday’s edition of The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, NAACP President Cornell William Brooks invited GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump to speak at the upcoming NAACP national convention.

According to Brooks, “We, the people, includes all the people, every ethnicity, every hue, every heritage. So now is the time for him to speak clearly in detail about his immigration policy, the minimum wage, and his civil rights agenda.”

He goes on to say that he wants Trump to speak to issues that are important to the Black community. The Voting Rights Act is in jeopardy of being overturned, and Brooks would like to hear Trump’s stance about the issue. So the NAACP president invited Trump and Clinton to the convention to hear their plans to solve Black-specific issues.

The NAACP will hold its 107th convention July 16-20, 2016 at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati.

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