Ja Rule is The Butt of His Own Joke After Tweeting This False Claim About Michael Jordan



Ja Rule made an inaccurate statement about the famous Michael Jordan meme and Twitter let him have it.

The Murder, Inc. rapper tweeted and then deleted a comment about Jordan getting paid $1 each time the image of him crying shows up online.

“Jokes on us,” the 40-year-old, born Jeffrey Atkins, typed in the tweet.


Although it is no longer available on the MC’s page, Twitter users were still able to respond to his remarks using a screenshot.

Shakari Briggs took aim at the Queens, New York rapper for putting the dollar sign after the cash amount.

Users then began creating memes with the athlete’s crying face over Ja Rule’s.


The rapper’s confusion likely stems from learning about the meme from a faux news website called TMZ Comedy. The site parodies Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who claimed he had to choose between taking down the memes or pay Jordan each time they were used.

Ja Rule has since tweeted about his misunderstanding.

He also retweeted a meme created about him.

A report by the Chicago Tribune earlier this year noted the NBA great took notice of the image. Estee Portnoy, Jordan’s spokesperson, told the newspaper in an email that the former Chicago Bulls player had been monitoring commercial use with her.

“I don’t recall when we first started noticing it — everything explodes so quickly on the Internet, and suddenly it was everywhere,” Portnoy said to the Tribute through email. “Everyone seems to be having fun with the meme, and it just keeps going. We haven’t seen anyone using it to promote their commercial interests, which is something that we’re monitoring.”

According to Know Your Meme, the image of Jordan is taken from the retired baller’s 2009 Basketball Hall of Fame induction speech. The photoshopped cut out of Jordan’s face first showed up online in 2012.

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