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CNN Guest Completely Shuts Down Trump Delegate for Repeated Errors on Donald’s Record with Black People


On last Friday’s edition of CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, South Carolina politician Bakari Sellers and commentators Angela Rye and Bruce LeVell sparred over Donald Trump’s silence on Black issues.

LeVell opens the discussion, proclaiming that the Republican front-runner supports Black people and Hispanics because he hires them at his hotels and establishments. The GOP commentator even invites his two counterparts to a rally and one of Trump’s hotels to see for themselves.

Sellers says Trump’s silence on Black issues affirms that the man is not a champion of Black issues or people.

Rye adds that the rhetoric at Trump rallies only makes the candidate appear more out of touch with Black issues. She also digs deep into the Black Trump supporter — seen interrupting her — by stating that Trump’s “anti-political correctness is about bigotry and dog-whistle politics.”


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