Sunny Hostin Nearly Speechless as Whoopi Goldberg Unleashes Fiery Defense of Wilmore’s Use of N-Word at WHCD

On today’s episode of The View, guest commentator attorney Sunny Hostin criticizes comedian Larry Wilmore’s N-word joke at Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Wilmore has since come under fire for his use of the N-word aimed at President Obama.

The late night show host said to Obama: “Yo Barry, you did it, my n—a. You did it.” On the surface, the comedian was just congratulating the president for two successful terms however, to many like former CNN commentator it was just “disrespectful.”

In the clip, Hostin calls the joke inappropriate and off-putting. Comedienne Whoopi Goldberg took this perspective:

“If you can’t read the room, you shouldn’t be doing that gig,” Goldberg said. “I think there was five comics who could’ve done [the n-word joke] a lot better.”

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