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Racist Trolls Come Out the Woodwork to Comment on Malia Obama’s College Acceptance

Malia ObamaMalia Obama is set to attend Harvard University after taking a gap year and racist conservatives are fired up over it.

Several commenters took to Fox News to comment on an article revealing the news. The 17-year-old is a senior at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., an exclusive academy.

Obama’s daughter visited at least 12 schools in her college search, including Harvard. Princeton was one of them, where mother Michelle Obama attended. Both Barack Obama and the first lady are graduates of Harvard Law School.

The New York Times says other schools visited were New York University, Tufts, Barnard and Wesleyan. Malia also visited at least six Ivy League universities besides Harvard and Princeton: Brown, Columbia, Yale and the University of Pennsylvania.

Despite this, the right-wing media outlet drew many remarks from trolls. They called Malia a barrage of racist names and claimed that she didn’t work for her prestigious acceptance.

Addicting Info reports the comments section on the piece had to close because of the scrutiny. The website managed to capture several of the vicious opinions before they were removed.

Three users accuse Malia of only getting into Harvard due to Affirmative Action.


The Los Angeles Times reports Malia’s test scores are closely guarded but President Obama has said his daughter is “a hard worker.”


Another set of degrading comments call Malia a n—–, monkey and an ape. The racial slur earned the comment the most likes.




One comment fires off one of the worst stereotypes imaginable at the soon-to-be high school graduate.


Yet another berates Malia’s mother, Michelle Obama calling her a “sasquatch.” They suggest the first daughter was granted acceptance simply because of the family connection.


A different comment outright accuses Malia of “ridding on her parent’s coat tails.”


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9 thoughts on “Racist Trolls Come Out the Woodwork to Comment on Malia Obama’s College Acceptance

  1. Paul Wright says:

    Wow what all you whites been doing for years. Getting by on white american privileges. Yes don't think you guys are smarter know more are better. You were just placed in a better position in life from the jump. When the world turns you wanna cry now. Lol

  2. One thing is for sure, Many people worldwide have learned this year, That Donald Trump's campaign has uncovered how bad racism and ignorance is currently so massive across the country in America The year 2016 supposedly the greatest country on this planet has the most hateful people of any continent

  3. Mel Lara says:

    Wow, what true ugliness from heartless souls. If only the realised that everyone bleeds red.

  4. Kendra Heath says:

    I think all of those comments are absolutely deplorable. I certainly don't know her but considering who her parents are I'm betting that 1-she has a great deal of intelligence and 2-she worked her butt off doing the studying and work that it takes to get accepted to any of the colleges she looked at. She has more class in her little finger than any of those posting those terrible comments..class that I'm sure she learned from her mother. I may not be a woman of color but I find this type of outrage toward anyone absolutely disgusting. We should be congratulating her…and others like her…for what they have done or accomplished instead of tearing them down.

  5. Chuck Finley says:

    Blacks should not vote to show solidarity and opposition to candidates. Hilary wants to pursue Gay and Lesbian agenda and Trump pursues a white male agenda

  6. Well the sickness of the white race is on display for all to see.

  7. Pat Cheatham says:

    It's strange or funny how in all the years Donald Trump was in public life, he was never once accused of being "racist". Liberals always always always play the race card when the facts don't fit their agenda.

  8. One thing is for certain. Demonizing people will get you nowhere! You want respect and a better life, go out and earn it!

  9. Ron Iniguez says:

    You are wrong Paul Wright…..I worked and earned for everything I have! Nothing was "given" to me. All it takes is a willingness to work for what you want.
    As far as racism…..I could care less what color someone is…..all I require from people is respect and in return I will give you respect.

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