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Privilege: White Suspect Lead Cops on High-Speed Chase, Drags Officer 100 Yards and Lives to Talk About It

Recently released footage of a Wednesday car chase in Boston shows a suspect outrunning officers and being detained peacefully.

According to reports from Boston’s WFXT, the white driver crashed multiple times while in pursuit. The car went through a country club while attendees were playing golf as well. WFXT also reports that the suspect’s car caught on fire at a West Roxbury, Massachusetts Party City store.

The suspect has been identified as Michael Leblanc of Abington, Massachusetts.

The New York Daily News reports that the chase began when Leblanc refused to show a police officer his license and registration. In fact, Leblanc rolled up his window, pinned the officer in and drove off — dragging the officer for an estimated 100 yards.

The officer managed to free himself. However, Leblanc kept going until officers tracked him down. The suspect got out of his flaming vehicle, climbed a fence by an apartment complex located near the Party City store and took off.

Leblanc was eventually pinned down behind the apartment complex by arresting officers. The suspect said, “It’s over, I give up,” and was then arrested.

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