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Charlie Wilson Takes Swipe at Prince’s Alleged Drug Use: ‘Sooner or Later The Truth Will Come Out’


Musician Charlie Wilson spoke to radio host Sybil Wilkes in an interview Tuesday about fellow musician and colleague Prince in the aftermath of the singer’s death last week.

Wilson is currently performing on radio personalty’s Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage 16 cruise. In the much longer interview, the singer talks about his book I Am Charlie Wilson, his personal battle with drugs and his relationship with 1980s music legend Rick James. 

In the clip above, Wilson states that Prince is one of the “baddest musicians to ever do it, but sooner or later the truth will come out.” Wilson may be referencing Prince’s alleged use of prescription and illegal drugs. Family members have reported that the musician used cocaine in the past in addition to pain killers like Percocet.

News reports from The Minneapolis Star Tribune reveal that Prince may have had prescription drugs on him at the time of his death.

Reuters reported that the investigators involved are now asking for assistance from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Investigators are trying to piece together the last moments of the Purple One’s death. They tell the Star Tribune that the opioids found may have played a part in his death.

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8 thoughts on “Charlie Wilson Takes Swipe at Prince’s Alleged Drug Use: ‘Sooner or Later The Truth Will Come Out’

  1. That is your choice, repsect other folks choices and privacy.

  2. Lucy Blue says:

    Uncle Charlie Wilson is a fine one to talk. His drug use and other vices completely destroyed a very prosperous and popular group. (The Gap Band )

  3. Corey Dorsey says:

    I think he was trying to say Prince didn't have to go so early, but he was dealing with some substance problems he himself dealt with when he was younger. He wasn't on a high horse given he admitted to his past drug use and also said he's okay today; indicating he could fail in the future. We'd probably still have a lot of greats still with us if most people weren't so touchy whenever an artist's struggles are mentioned. A fan just wants someone to make music they like. Someone more than a fan wants that person to be well and healthy. Am I wrong?

  4. Charlie Wilson? Hahahahaha, the man's an asshole. He lost 40 years of his life to drugs. Now he's got the nerves to throw curve balls. He even married the crackhead that he met in rehab. There was no reason for him to attempt to drag Prince down just because he is a known drug addict. Typical behavior of a crackhead

  5. Corey Dorsey …Now that Prince is dead, they will say anything to justify his death. The man was murdered….period

  6. Lucy Blue says:

    Juanita V.White You are right. I truly believe that Prince was murdered because of greed. Remember his "Vault" contains thousands of unreleased songs and never before seen documentaries that are worth millions. Whoever gets their grime hands on the songs and publish them stands to make a fortune.
    As for Charlie Wilson there was absolutely no need for him to go there. Trying to slyly slander a fellow artist to feel better about his many years of hard drug addiction made me lose all respect for Charlie Wilson.

  7. Lucy Blue ….Something deep in my spirit never liked Charlie Wilson and now I know why. It’s weird, but his spirit always disturbed me. Without a doubt Charlie has proven that he’s not a good person and he is not to be trusted. I never had respect for him and his snowflake that he seems to think is better than all other women.

    If you noticed, Prince, MJ, Whitney and her daughter were all found UNRESPONSIVE. At the end of Michael’s tour he would have owned a large share in Sony. He also had the complete catalogue of The Beatles music. Prince won all rights to his music after an eleven year court battle with Warner Brothers just two years ago. Whitney had fulfilled her obligation to Clive Davis after her come back song which was written by RKelly. She too was in possession of lots of her music and was going to leave Clive at that point. She passed everything over to her daughter before she died. It wasn’t even known that she had changed her will. In my opinion all of them were murdered.

    The only black man who ever won the rights to his own music before Prince was Sam Cooke. He was found UNRESPONSIVE in the Hacienda Hotel in California in 1964. He was set up by a white woman who claimed that he touched her

  8. Lucy Blue says:

    Juanita V.White Something else to consider regarding Prince's suspicious, untimely death: I don't believe all of the celebrities that have come forward saying how much they loved Prince. I don't think they are being sincere. Some of them but definitely not all of them.
    I believe people like Mavis Staples, George Lopez, Van Jones, Stevie Wonder, Shelia E.Steve Harvey just to name a few really cared about the man.
    Never underestimate the evil of Record Companies when it comes to screwing over/killing the artists that are signed to them. The record business is nothing more than a modern day Slave industry. The massas' are the owner and executives; the slaves are the artists. Instead of stealing kids they steal the artists' music rights and all publishing rights.

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