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Geraldo Rivera Spews Utter Nonsense in His Critique of Baltimore’s Mayoral Election Results


Fox News‘ Geraldo Rivera attacked Black Lives Matter activist and Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay Mckesson on Tuesday’s episode of Fox Business‘ Varney & Co after the activist lost the Democratic primary.

Mckesson was an unsuccessful candidate in the city’s Democratic primary. According to Rivera, the voters used their good sense to not elect “troublemakers” like him.

The conservative news pundit states:

“I covered the riots there in the wake of the Freddie Gray — you know — death in police custody. What I saw was a bunch of troublemakers in a town that desperately needs urban renewal. Troublemakers setting back their town, burning the assets of those poor people, burning their access to drugstores, burning the facilities in the community, making a lot of noise, attracting a lot of attention to themselves.”

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