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White Conspiracy Theorist Shares Interesting Theory on Who’s Behind Beyonce’s Plot for a ‘Race War’


Conservative commentator, founder of Info Wars and Trump supporter Alex Jones told his YouTube viewers on Monday that Beyoncé’s Lemonade was created by the CIA to promote an impending race war.

In Jones’ response video, he talks about the artist smashing objects in the visual album’s first track, “Hold Up.”

Here are a few of his statements and outlandish claims:

“This latest video, blowing stuff up, beating everything up, smashing vehicles, and it’s all about men,” Jones says. “Again, this is admitted high-level — it turns out basically everything they put on the Super Bowl or out on Viacom is run by CIA propaganda because that’s their domestic job. ‘Beyonce invokes ‘urban terrorism’ in new video,’ and this is just to get people to act like total morons so that they can then be basically arrested, set-up, put in jail.”

Jones also references “Formation” and the Super Bowl 50 half-time show where the entertainer was paying homage to the Black Panthers. He tries to connect the album with possible attacks on officers and Black feminism.

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