United Worker’s Party (UWP) Plans to Make St. Lucia a Republic, Dropping Queen as Head of State

St. Lucia's Former Deputy Police Commissioner Hermangild Francis. Photo courtesy for StLuciaTimes.com.
St. Lucia’s Former Deputy Police Commissioner Hermangild Francis. Photo courtesy for StLuciaTimes.com.

The opposition United Workers Party (UWP), has announced plans to make this country a Republic with a ceremonial President when it gets into office, dispensing with the Queen of England as head of state.

The announcement was made last night during a UWP political meeting.

Former Deputy Police Commissioner, Hermangild Francis, disclosed the plans while asserting that the work done on constitutional reform by the late Justice Suzie D’Auvergne and her team must not be neglected.

He said some of the recommendations on constitutional reform would be implemented as soon as a UWP administration gets into office.

“It is time. We have grown enough and can take care of our business so we need to become a republic,” Francis told UWP supporters.

Noting that the report on constitutional reform also recommended term limits for the Prime Minister, the former police officer said a UWP government would put that in place.

“We cannot afford to have a Prime Minister of the caliber of Kenny Anthony for twenty years. We must never allow that to happen again,” Francis declared.

He also disclosed that a UWP administration would implement a fixed date for general elections.

In addition, Francis said the UWP wants the return of local government so that the constituencies will have a say and there will be proper elections for Councilors.

Turning his attention to the appointment of a Police Commissioner, Francis, who is tipped to become National Security Minister in a UWP Cabinet, announced that there will be changes to the process.

He observed that currently the Public Service Commission conducts interviews before a Police Chief is appointed.

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