Joy Reid Blasts Bernie Sanders’ Jab at Poor People: ‘You’re Not Doing Something Right’

On Sunday’s episode of Meet the Press, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders told Chuck Todd poor people aren’t voting.

Later on in the program, MSNBC‘s anchor and commentator Joy Reid addresses the many excuses Sanders has made in the election. This latest excuse comes days after losing the New York state primaries.

“You say you’re running a political revolution,” Reid said, “but you keep parsing — ‘Well, we just don’t have the right kind of voter motivated enough or informed enough.’ ”

Reid admits that Sanders’ comments were not supposed to criticize the poor. However, she points out that if the poor are not voting for him then the message is not being heard.

The anchor also states that “[the] revolutionary movement based on lifting up people at the bottom then they should be hearing your message or you might not be doing something correctly.”

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