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Oprah Jumps Into Fray of Michael Strahan Leaving ‘Live!’ and Sides With Kelly Ripa

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After news broke that retired NFL player Michael Strahan abruptly left his ABC talk show with Kelly Ripa for “Good Morning America,” Oprah has voiced her opinion on the matter.

TMZ reports Strahan only told Ripa and their “Live! With Kelly and Michael” executive producer, Michael Gelman, about him leaving after Tuesday’s show. The pair were reported to be “stunned and upset” at the news.

Since the announcement, CNN Money reports Ripa has been off the show for the rest of the week at least through Monday. Both Ripa and Strahan have not said anything publicly on the matter. It is likely that the future “GMA” host is being advised not to speak directly on the controversy. He only shared an orchestrated statement on a “Live!” episode that aired April 21.

Strahan profusely thanked Ripa and Gelman who “showed me the ropes” and said without them “I never would have a chance to be here but I’m grateful that I’m here.” He stressed that “Live!” and “GMA” are family, stating “we’re on the same network. I’m just right over here, but we’re on the same team. Same family, same network.”

The anchor’s move from part-time to full-time on kelly-ripa-michael-strahan“GMA” was ultimately the decision of ABC management. Executives at the network believe Strahan’s presence on their morning show will support “GMA.” The program has been in competition with NBC’s “Today Show” ever since it’s debut in 1975. It recently lost ground to “Today” after beating it out in ratings previously.

Oprah knows about the importance of ratings. But the media mogul, who is currently working on a new drama series called “Greenleaf” according to ABC, is siding with Ripa on the “Live!” issue. After TMZ tells her the ABC host wasn’t informed about her co-host’s exit until the last minute, Oprah is surprised.

“Nobody told Kelly? She should have never found out with the media.”

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