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Larry Wilmore Schools Bill O’Reilly: ‘When the F**k Have You Ever Walked in a Poor Black Neighborhood?’

On last night’s episode of The Nightly Show, comedian Larry Wilmore responds to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly’s latest racist comment toward Black people.

Last week, O’Reilly told Republican front-runner Donald Trump that some Black people were unemployable because of tattoos on their foreheads. Monday, O’Reilly responded to the overwhelming backlash for his comments by calling his critics “race hustlers.” He evens insists that he and his comments are not racist. The conservative pundit also says he has seen Black people with forehead tattoos because he has walked into poor Black communities.

Wilmore attacked O’Reilly for this statement.

“You can’t use fantasy hands to describe racism, OK? Fantasy hands are best for saying things like ta-da! And when the f*ck have you ever walked in a poor black neighborhood? Like I’m supposed to believe you spend your Saturday strolling through Compton counting forehead tattoos, right?”

The comedian also reminded O’Reilly that Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and others who died from racism and police brutality did not have forehead tattoos.



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