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Ben Carson Wants U.S. to ‘Find Another Way to Honor’ Harriet Tubman (Like on the $2 Bill)

Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson told Fox’s Neil Cavuto that Harriet Tubman should not replace former President Andrew Jackson on $20 bill.

In today’s interview, Carson stated that he “loved Harriet Tubman,” but would prefer if the U.S. could “find another way to honor her. Maybe a two-dollar bill.”

Currently, the country’s third president and slave owner, Thomas Jefferson, is on the the $2 bill. The irony here is that Carson is defending Jackson —a notorious Tennessee planter—while relegating the celebrated abolitionist to the least circulated bill in the nation.

According to Think Progress, Tubman will be on the front of the bill while Jackson will be on the back.

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3 thoughts on “Ben Carson Wants U.S. to ‘Find Another Way to Honor’ Harriet Tubman (Like on the $2 Bill)

  1. Mari Brenner says:

    Dr. Carson. How cavalier of you to defend Ms. Tubman. This is not important right now and should be saved for a later date. Was wrong for the leader to inject her into this race; so kindly wind down on something not really that important to take away from the race for President. Thank you!


  3. Presidents are on all bills, she was never a president

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