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Bill O’Reilly Out Does Himself in Rant About ‘Ill-Educated, Under-Classed’ Blacks

In the talking points segment of his show. “The O’Reilly Factor,” Bill O’Reilly made a scathing generalization about African-Americans, claiming they are uneducated and have “tattoos on their foreheads.” The Fox talk-show host also suggested that the government’s systemic oppression of Black people is unreal and often used as an excuse for “a litany of apathetic and destructive behaviors.”

“The big issue is that millions of Americans are so poorly educated and personally irresponsible that they simply cannot compete in the free market,” he says.

At one point in the segment, O’Reilly references an interview with presidential hopeful Donald Trump and asks him what he would do to “combat a culture among some African-Americans that scorns conventional behavior.” Trump responds by saying he would bring jobs back to America and employ African-Americans.

O’Reilly then followed up with, “How are you gonna get jobs for them? Many of them are ill-educated with tattoos on their foreheads…How are you going to give jobs to people who are unqualified for jobs?”

He closed by saying these “deep cultural flaws” won’t be exposed until the media ceases to enable lies told by politicians and the “phonies, race hustlers and corporate greed heads are called out.”

“God Help America,” he says.

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