South Africa President Jacob Zuma Calls Blacks to Unite, Says Voting is Key to Bring About Change

Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma

Durban — President Jacob Zuma has called on Black people to think about their poverty and use their majority to counteract white voters’ motives during local government elections.

He said while Black people were normally lazy to register for elections or to vote, white people always liked to do so in large numbers “for their own interest which I don’t know.”

“Vote is important for Black people because they are suffering. It is also important for white people for their own reasons,” he said.

Although he avoided telling Black people to vote for the ANC, he said were they to do so in large numbers, the government would be able to bring about changes that would benefit them.

“You see if you don’t register for election, sorrow would always be upon you, because claiming back the repossessed land should follow the rule of law, which is drafted in Parliament.

“Parliament needs a majority. With the majority we can change the country, that is why I say Black people should unite.

“Even if you are in different political parties, you should know things that you can vote for separately and things that you need to vote for as a united nation.”

The president was in Melmoth, KwaZulu-Natal, as the keynote speaker during a government drought relief event.

Thousands braced pouring rain to listen to Zuma. Although this was a government event, many came dressed in ANC regalia.

They praised the party and Zuma, and went home with food parcels.

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